“Size matters not, look at me” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 14

For a little green alien that has a funny way of speaking Yoda has a lot of power.

I mean, this shirt looks like it’s a mistake because the color is all faded, but the image of Yoda is actually printed on the inside of the shirt.

I remember seeing this image of Yoda in a Star Wars magazine years ago and then I saw it for sale on a t-shirt.  I bought the shirt and whenever I would wear it people would ask me if I spilled chocolate on it.   I would say no and that is was the Force that was making that image as it flowed through Yoda’s hand.

Inside printing of the shirt.

My shirt eventually got ruined and my sister bought me the exact same shirt, without knowing it, when she went to Disneyland.  The difference in the shirts were that this one is a softer cotton blend, yes I know about that stuff and the image was printed on the inside.

Maybe it was fate that made my sister get me this shirt or maybe it was The Force!

Thanks for reading.

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