“A long time ago…..” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 20

When I first saw those words on the screen many moons ago I remember thinking that I wanted to live in that universe.  Those words changed how I saw movies and changed my life too.

Today’s shirt is simple and to the point: Star Wars.  I have had this shirt for many years and it has gone through a lot with me.  I know I mentioned that I have many shirts that are my favorite, but this is one of those shirts that makes me feel a certain way when I wear it.  Does anyone feel like that with their clothes?

I said this shirt has gone through a lot with me and to show you how indestructible this shirt is my friend The Rock Father took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge wearing this shirt and as you can see by the video, the shirt doesn’t get phased by the cold water.

Do yourself a favor and visit The Rock Father’s site for a ton of cool adventures that he has with his kids, reviews, and awesome giveaways.  Tell him the Fandads sent you.

                                  (Video of The Rock Father used by pemission.)

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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