The many faces of my little girl.

My little girl is a character.  She makes me laugh, cry and feel incredibly happy all within a matter of minutes.  One thing that she likes doing, sometimes, is taking pictures.

We all know our kids can get in moods when they love taking pictures, but sometimes they do not want to see a camera around them at all.  Usually this is during a family gathering when you want to take a picture of them with their cousins.

Recently my little girl took my wife’s phone and decided to take pictures of herself.  As my wife and I looked at the hundred plus pictures, yes, hundred plus, we saw a range of emotions in her pictures that I decided I needed to do something with them.

I put the pictures together in a slideshow with the song “Greater>Than” by my friend Jess Godwin. This song has such a great positive message for girls about being the person you are and that it’s ok to be you.

I felt with the pictures my little girl took, being her silly self, that this was a great song to accompany the slideshow.  I added the final picture, because I wanted my little girl to see that a little change does not change the person that you are.


If you liked the song, want to hear more of Jess’ work and support a local artist, you can buy songs from her catalogue on iTunes here.  “Girl Next Door” “Santa Monica” and “Be a Light” are some of my personal favorites.  I also recommend visiting her youtube channel to watch some of her other videos especially the “Greater>Than” video which deals with bullying.

I want to thank Jess Godwin for letting me use her song in this video and my little girl for inspiring me everyday to be the best father that I can be.

Thank you for reading.

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