Wizard World Chicago Recap #WizardWorldChicagoCC

Wizard World Chicago came and went with a bevy of celebrities, panels and a lot of cool stuff to buy. I have been attending this con since the old Ramada Inn days and I still try to attend when it comes through the city.

This year I got to attend the press meet and greet on Wednesday night. This event was a chance for members of the press to pick up their wristbands early (I miss the old badge days) and get to rub elbows with those in the community. 

At the event I met Chris Drag from SDCC.co and he was a pretty cool fellow. He told me about his web site and how he tries to cover all the conventions that he can.  He showed me a few pictures from his recent trip to the San Diego Comic Con and that just made me want to try to attend it next year.  If you get a chance you should check out his site to keep up to date with all the comic news you can handle.

One of the cool things about the meet and greet was I got a few minutes to talk to Lou Ferrigno.  It was intimidating sitting across from the Hulk, but he was such a great guy and answered all my questions.

Lou Ferrigno smiling as he crushed my shoulder with his hand.

One thing I asked him about was his work out routine and he wakes up everyday at 5:30 to workout.  I have trouble getting up at 9am somedays, but he said it was all about commitment.  If the Hulk tells me that I can do something once I’m committed to doing it, themn I think I need to listen.  I also asked him about what future projects he is working on and he said there is something in the works, but he could not really talk about it.  Let’s just say it has to do with royalty and stingers.

On Thursday morning I was lucky enough to attend a screening of The Driving Dead.  This is a new project the Illinois Department of Transportation was working on with Walking Dead/Guardians of the Galaxy star Michael Rooker.  You can read about that experience here.

I attended the show only with my daughter this year.  Usually I go with the entire family, but the price for entry, I feel, is a little steep and you add to that parking, food and whatever you buy at the show it adds up.  My little girl dressed up in her Captain America dress and we were excited to see what characters we would find walking around the show floor.

My little girl had a blast walking around and looking at the cosplayers.  I love the fact that she points out characters and knows who they are already without me having to tell her.  She asked me to buy her a few Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop figures, but the ones she pointed out I had already bought for her birthday and was going to surprise her with them.

One thing I can’t wait for is when my little guy is old enough to join us on this yearly trip.  I think it will be great seeing my little girl pointing out stuff to him or telling him how to look around for deals from the venders at the show.

While I do feel the con is becoming more of a celebrity fest and less having to do with comics, I still think it’s a great event to attend.  Most of the celebrities that attend this show would probably not come to the city if it was not for this con.  I do feel the pricing is a little steep, but if you can afford to buy a ticket then you should go and enjoy yourself at the con.

Thanks for reading.

(Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided a press pass for the event, but all views and opinions are our own)

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