Toy Time with the Fandads! #Hasbro

The Fandads Homebase has been lucky enough to receive some toys from our friends at Hasbro, but we have been a little behind in letting our friends know about these great toys.

A lot of these toys are movie tie-ins and the boxes they come in are pretty awesome.  It’s great to see the look in the eyes of my little girl when these boxes arrive and see all the cool things inside. Let me share a little with you.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to get our hands on some Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys.  In our package we received a Legends Spider-Woman figure and a Spider-Man Mega Blaster Web Shooter.

The Legends figure we received was Spider-Woman and my little girl loved her, but had a lot more fun with the web shooter.  Clean up on the webbing was not a problem, which was a plus in our house.


The next box we got in the mail was to promote the new Transformers movie “Transformers:Age of Extinction.”  Now this box was huge. I mean it was the almost the size as my little boy.  I was a huge fan of the old 80’s cartoons that I think I was more exited about the figures than my kids.
The box came with four different lines of Transformers toys: Age of Extinction Robots in Disguise, AoE Generations, AoE Construct-Bots, AoE KRE-O toys and other licensed products.
I loved the variety in the figures and their different levels of complexity to change their forms.  My little girl loved the One-Step Changers because they were so simple for her to transform and the Power Battler Bumblebee that was included. 
My nephew who just got into HexBugs loved the Battle Stadium that came in the box.  I mean, this thing was pretty cool and I know that he’ll have hours of fun with it.
My favorite from the box was the KRE-O Grimlock Street Attack set.  I just liked building the set itself and playing with the gold Optimus Prime that came with the set.
These Transformer toys were the ones we would recommend to our friends, but there are plenty of other cool Transformer toys out there that you should be playing with too.
Guardians of the Galaxy

I just saw the 17 minute preview for this movie before the box arrived and I was pretty excited about seeing the movie. After playing with the toys in this box, I could not wait until the movie came out.  Another added plus, this box came in on my birthday.

The toys in this box are fantastic and both of my kids are having fun with them.  The two favorites out of the box were the Rocket Raccoon mask and the Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon.  We have not even seen the movie yet and Rocket was already my kids favorite character.

While the kids are having fun with the Rocket toys, my favorite from this bunch is Star Lord’s ship,the Milano.  Just like the Millennium Falcon was my favorite vehicle, next to the Slave 1, in Star Wars, the Milano is pretty bad ass looking ship.  I think is also has to do with the fact that I too had a crush on Alyssa Milano when I was little, just like Star Lord.

As we know by now Guardians of the Galaxy has become a huge success and these toys will bring your biggest fan a lot of fun at home.

There you go.  A few boxes of toys for you to ponder and maybe you’ll get ideas on what to get for that child in your life for their next birthday.  All of these toys can be found at your local toy or retail store and I have included links to the Entertainment Earth website, in case you want to do your shopping from home.

Thanks for reading.

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.  Fandads was provided these toys to review.  All opinions are our own.)

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