This month’s subscription boxes.

Out of the few “Geek” subscription boxes that are out there, we here at Fandads have subscribed to LootCrate and NerdBlock.  In today’s post we will share with you the latest boxes that came in. Take a peek, enjoy and maybe sign up for one or both of them.
(This is not a paid post.  The Fandads have paid subscriptions and we just want to share some awesomeness with our friends.)

First up is the August NerdBlock box.  These boxes constantly deliver some cool items, but I think this month was a bit of a miss.  I never was a huge Pokemon fan, so I am not a fan of the shirt.  I appreciate the design, but the shirt was alright.  That was my only gripe with this month’s box.

Included in this month’s box was:
A Pokemon Shirt
An exclusive Funko Pop! Batman or Harley Quinn
A Bravest Warrior keychain
A Doctor Who Tenth and Eleventh Doctor double sided comic
Garbage Pail Kids mini figures
My favorite items in the box are the Funko Batman figure and the Doctor Who comic.  All these items for $19.99.  That’s not bad when you consider that all the item’s added together would probably total a little over $40. 
Next month’s Block is teasing a dancing Groot shirt, I can’t wait for that.

LootCrate has been putting themes on their boxes and this month’s theme was “Heroes”

I have been with LootCrate for over a year and I feel that they are getting into a good rhythm with putting items in their crates that compliment each other.

The coolest item of this box was the Funko Pop! LootCrate Exclusive Groot.  This little guy has a hand that glows in the dark and is just adorable.  Yeah, I said it.

This month’s LootCrate contained:
A crate that was decorated to look like the TMNT lair.
A Deadpool magnet.
A Mega Man air freshener.
Schwings shoe lightning bolts.
LootCrate magazine.
Exclusive LootCrate button
Funko Pop! Groot Exclusive.
TMNT Mask Glasses
A Kidrobot TMNT figure.
A postcard with some digital loot.

Last month’s theme was “Villians” and the inside of the box was all marked up, as if the Joker had fun with it.  This month’s box is pretty cool and can be used to display your TMNT figure or any other figures that you may want to play with inside the box.
Obviously this crate is worth more than the $19.37 ($13.97 + $6 S&H) that you pay and that makes it a pretty good deal.  LootCrate also has different plans, so you can choose the one that is right for you.
We here at Fandads like getting these boxes in our mail every month and we will continue to keep you up to date on the latest boxes when we receive them. 
Thank you for reading.

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