Questions about the new Star Wars teaser trailer.

Today we all got our first official look at J.J. Abrams Star Wars VII and it did what a teaser should do, get us excited about what is to come.  As with anything that is released nowadays, there will be plenty of discussion and dissection as to what is happening in the trailer. Let’s look at a few images from the trailer and give our two-bits about what we think is going on.

Either this guy, John Boyega, has seen something terrible or is tying to escape while in disguise. What exactly is going on here?  I think he see’s a Krayt Dragon and does not know what to do.  

This little ball droid is new to the universe.  How is it that his head just doesn’t fall off?  Does his body take different shapes and are those parts of pod racers in the background?

Where is Daisy Ridley off to in a hurry?  Is she on her way to rescue John Boyega?  Does most of the movie take place on Tatooine?  What is the name of this vehicle? More importantly, who is this character exactly?


We have already seen the new designs to the stormtrooper helmets, but where are they going?  Are these still being made from Jango Fett’s DNA.  Is it the camera angle or are they different sizes now, the fourth trooper looks a little taller than the others.  Is this a part of an epic battle that we are going to see or are they just security for the as yet unknown villain of the movie?

The X-wings are back!!  There is a slight difference in the wings than on the previous generation ones.  Is this for speed or just an evolution of the design?  Seeing them fly over water is pretty cool, but where are they going?

Is this the new main villain of the movie or just another Sith lost in the woods.  Remember how excited everyone got when they first saw Darth Maul’s double bladed lightsaber, this was kind of that “WOW” moment too.  What usage do those side blades have?  Do they extend or are they removable?  I can not wait to see this lightsaber in action.

The Falcon is back!! Yes, I know that sentence is an exact copy of the one X-wing one, but come on, it’s the Millennium Falcon! How big a part is Han Solo going to play in this movie?  Is he actually flying this thing or did he hand it down to someone else.  Just seeing the Falcon fly through the air gave me goosebumps and got me thinking about where he was going too.  What is happening in this scene?
So there you have it.  So far all I can get out of this trailer is that a few old vehicles are back and everyone is running from or to something.  Until the full trailer is released we might get answers to these questions, but in the meantime I am pretty excited about what I have seen so far.  
Just in case you have not seen the trailer yet, here it is.

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