The Fandads learn to #CommandTheForce #sponsored

When I was younger I had a huge Star Wars collection.  I had a good amount of the figures and I would always get together with my friends to replay scenes from the movie or just stage some epic battles.  The one problem that I would have with taking my figures to my friends’ houses was that I would always end up losing a weapon or two.

Imagine staging a huge battle between your figures and your stormtroopers have to share their blasters to protect themselves.  That’s not a fun battle, not fun at all. Recently the Fandads teamed up with Life of Dad and Hasbro to try out the new Star Wars Command line.  Check out how we tried to #CommandTheForce.

The Fandads were supplied with samples of the Star Wars Command line and were not paid for their review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Remember the army men figures from your childhood? The ones that were in a static position and you would fight many wars with them? Now update these figures with Stormtrooper uniforms, Jedi robes and lightsabers and you have Star Wars Command.  
A Jedi stand-off.
We were lucky to get a few sets of this new line of toys and my little girl and I could hardly wait to open them up and get to fighting, but she had to finish her homework first.  After her work was done we looked at the sets and decided on which ones to open.  We opened the Millennium Falcon set, the Episode III Final Battle set and the Star Wars Rebels Jedi Duel Epic Assault Pack.  
My little girl quickly took claim to the Falcon and Han and Chewbacca.  She separated the figures and made Darth Vader the referee of sorts. The great thing about these figures is not having to worry about them falling down after you set them up.  Remember when you would play with your friends and set up your figures for a fight and one figure falls and they all fall down?  You do not have to worry about that with these figures.  Their permanent base makes it hard for them to fall over so easy.
Ready to engage in space combat.  
Another thing I remember about playing with my friends was we should bring in other action figures from different shows.  One day we would have G.I. Joe helping out the rebels and the next time we would have the Visionaries use their “Magical Light” to take down Darth Vader.  You can do the same thing with the Star Wars Command sets.  You can have prequel Obi-Wan join Luke and Han to fight off Clone Troopers and Tusken Raiders.   
I have a bad feeling about this!

“But what about the new series that’s out, Star Wars Rebels? Are there sets for them?” Why yes! Ezra, Kanan and the rest of the gang can join in and help defeat the Empire or the Rebels depending on what you choose.

That’s not a space station, that’s a moon!

These sets are great to have because of the variety of figures that are available.  Using the Millennium Falcon to run over the Clone Troopers is a sight to behold and something that we may never see on screen.  The sets vary in price from $4.99 for the Battle Packs and up to $59.99 for the Star Destroyer Set.  With the new movies releasing next year I would not be surprised that there will be sets featuring the new characters and vehicles of the series.

We had a lot of fun playing with these sets and can not wait to see what battles we re-create next.

As always, thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, another great thing about these sets…no lost weapons after you are done playing.

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