Star Wars: The Force Awakens character names released…get ready for the hate. Spoiler Alert

Today Entertainment Weekly got the scoop by getting the coolest item that we have seen thus far relating to the new Star Wars movie: the names of the characters in the trailer on vintage looking trading cards.  I actually had these cards when I was little, so seeing them brings back a lot of memories, especially of eating the gum.

So let’s take a look at these characters and their names and the potential hate that might be coming their way.

If you don’t want to know the names of the characters stop reading now.


Obviously he/she (do droids go by these labels?) does not look like an astromech droid so there is no R2 moniker at the front of it’s name.  Maybe designing the droids in this way makes it easier to navigate so we will see other droids like this throughout the movie.
What the hater’s will say:

That is the stupidest name I have heard for a droid! What does the “BB” stand for “basketball” “Baseball”! Couldn’t it have a cooler name like SP 3R3 or Rolly Polly? This movie is going to suck!!

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron is a decent sounding name. I am just not digging the last name right now, maybe it will grow on me.  It does sound kind of cool when you yell out the first name like “Poe, I need some back up over here!” “Poe, shoot down that Tie Fighter!” “Poe, I need you to look less serious in your picture.”

What the hater’s will say:

“POE DAMERON! REALLY!” That last name sounds like a combination of Matt Damon and James Cameron. Is Abrams paying homage to those two in these names or do they show up at some point in the movie?  Is this guy a descendant of Edgar Allan Poe? I swear if this guy says “nevermore” in the movie I am going to lose it like a Wookie beaten in Dejarik. This movie is going to suck because of this guys name.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren.  Is he a Sith? Is he good or is he just a guy with a strange looking lightsaber.  As we see, again not going with the familiar and naming this guy “Darth” something, Abrams is straying a little from what we are expecting to see.  I think that it’s an interesting choice to not name him Darth Kylo or Darth Ren because it keeps us guessing on the loyalties of the character, but then again we shouldn’t make assumptions just based on a name.
What the hater’s will say:

Did J.J. Abrams use the Facebook “Find you Jedi name” quiz to come up with this name?  Not only does this guy have a stupid lightsaber, now he has a stupid name too.  Why couldn’t he name him Darth Turpitude or Darth Vicious, you know something evil?  This movie is going to suck!
Rey is a short name, but we know there could be more to it: Princess Rey, Bounty Hunter Rey, Rey Rey in the Sand I play, we don’t know.  Just like Poe, it’s a simple name and something that sounds cool when you say it out loud. “Rey, get there quick!” “Rey, where are you going?” “Rey you forgot your scarf!”

What the hater’s will say:

You have a strong female character and this is the name you come up with? What’s a matter was Ripley taken?, Oh yeah it was.  Why not name her Rachel Dawes, because she looks like she’ll be annoying.  That’s a stupid name and this movie is going to suck!
There has been a lot of controversy with this character and now by naming him that will only continue.  As with Rey, we are only given a small taste of his name.  He could be Finn Calrissian, Finn Solo, Finn Skywalker or Finn Bacca (it could happen).  While he looks constipated in this picture, I feel Finn might be a breakout character in the movie.

What the hater’s will say:

Finn is not a strong name for this guy, he should have a rapper sounding name.  Is this name a reference to Huckleberry Finn and having him in the white stormtrooper uniform a reference to the painting of the fence scene, which means that J.J. is painting away all our memories from the originals with this new crap that he’s putting out.  This movie is going to suck.
So there you have it.  How many of these hater’s view will we see on message boards, comment threads and memes throughout the internet until the movie is released?  I think we will see a handful of them.
I think the names are different and I am ok with that.  I am not expecting these characters to have normal sounding names like Mike, the X-Wing pilot or Sandy, the princess in trouble, but names that sound like they fit in with this world.  If the fans were given the chance to name a few characters, people would still be upset about what was chosen, so no matter what, people will not be happy.
I for one can not wait for these movies to come out, but I am not going to knock it down just because I don’t like a few things that have been shown to me that I still know nothing about.   
Star Wars will always be my favorite movies and one thing that I am really excited about, is the return of a few familiar faces.  Scroll down to see what I am talking about.

Did you catch the numbers?  There will be more cards coming soon.

Thanks for reading. 
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