The Fandads Holiday Gift Guide.

It’s that time of year again! Where we run into crowded malls, battle hordes of angry shoppers and try to find the perfect gift for the Fandad or Fanmom in our lives.  If you do not want to go through that hassle of guessing what they want and want to get them something that will “wow” them, then read our holiday gift guide.

If you see something you like, click on the picture to be sent to our affiliates website where you can purchase your gift.  While we can not guarantee that they will love the gift at least it won’t be a gift card that says, “I tried to find something, but the crowds were too much for me.”


Books are always a great gift to give and get. I think that some of the coolest books to give are art books of popular movies.  I always like seeing the concept art of the characters and scenes and then comparing them to the actual finished movie.  Here are a few that I’m sure they will like.

The Art of The Book of Life

This movie was an incredible visual treat.  When this movie comes out on Blu-Ray I know that I will be pausing it a lot just to take in the details in the background.  Until that time comes, I will be examining every page of this book.  The colors, the scenery and the design of the characters make this book a must have for anyone that loved the movie.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Art of the Movie.

Just like “The Book of Life”, this movie had a lot going on in the background, especially in The Collector’s room.  I really want to see how many different looks they went through before coming up with Star-Lords final look.  I think this book will make a great companion piece with the movie. 
The Art of Big Hero 6

Although I never heard of this comic series before the movie, I have instantly become a big fan because of the movie.  Just the look of San Fransokyo is one reason that I would want to get this book alone.  Just like in the Guardians book, I would like to see all the different versions of the characters costumes before they decided on the final one.  I mean, how many different looks did Fred have before they settled on his fire breathing monster look?

Star Wars Costumes

The two costumes that I would like to make for myself one day are a Biker Scout costume and a Boba Fett costume. I can go online and look at hundreds of pictures from fans who made their own or I can get this book.  Each page is filled with intricate pictures of the costumes as well as back stories on how these costumes came to be.  If you have a Star Wars fan in you family, this would be the book to get them.

Let’s Play Football

Do you have a little one who is a football fan in your home? Have you ever wondered the difference between a cornerback and a safety?  Let’s Play Football is a great book to teach your little one the game of football and to get a refresher course about the game too.  One of the teams in the book are bears, so maybe that team will get a win or two. 


A lot of great movies came out this year in the theater and on DVD, but here are two that your home library should not be without.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie was a lot of fun and I can not wait to see how they carry that over into the sequel.  There are some cool behind the scenes extras on the disc as well as a look into Avengers: The Age of Ultron.  Your Marvel fan will enjoy this in their stocking this year.
Princess Mononoke

I love this movie.  I remember seeing this on the big screen and just loving every moment of it.  This new HD transfer makes the colors and sound just pop off the screen.  This is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s best movies and should be part of any collection.  If your geek is a fan of animation, pick this up for them.

Clothes has a lot of cool and nerdy assessories for the Fandad in your life.  Not only do they have cufflinks, but they also carry tie bars, money clips, ties, bow ties, and wallets to name a few.  I bought a Rebel tie from them last year and people ask me about it whenever I wear it.

Here are a few items of interest.

Batman and Boba Fett money clips.

Kids Darth Vader green tie.  The kid items they have are new and were just released.  They have an assortment of ties and bow ties for kids.  

Retro Gamer and Millenium Falcon cufflinks.  If you have a tech person in your family, they do carry flash drive cufflinks. also has sports related items too, so if the person you are shopping for isn’t into the geeky stuff, you can always get them something sporty.

Video Games

If you have a gamer in your family, I would not be surprised if video games are not on your list.  While I have not bought the newest systems yet, maybe Santa will surprise me this year.

These Playstation 4 and Xbox One Bundle’s are a pretty good deal and like I said, maybe Santa will bring me one this year.

Destiny Bundle
Assassins Creed Unity Bundle 
Remember that you can always shop online for these consoles and games too and we included this Best Buy banner below to make it easier for you.
Best Buy Co, Inc.


Yes, Virginia, Fandads and Mom like getting toys for the holidays too.  While a few of the ones listed are for our kids (cough, cough), we have thrown in a few for that collector in your family.

Spin Master has a lot of cool toys out right now and the Paw Patrol line is pretty big, but these two really stand out right now: the DigiBirds and Chatsters: Gabby.


These cute little birds come in single packs or in a pack of three.  The birds have actual tweets from real birds programmed into them and play in choir mode when you have more than one.  Below is a video of us trying out the choir mode.

DigiBirds are a great “pet” to have around the house, especially since there is no bird cage to clean.

Chatsters: Gabby

My little girl had a lot of fun with Gabby at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair this year.  This awesome little doll interacts with her accessories and each one unlocks a little game to play.  Another cool thing about Gabby is that her eyes animate and light up in different colors.  We will have a more in-depth review on Gabby coming soon. 

The next figures are for the ultimate collector in your family.  Hot Toys have been making some very realistic action figures for years and these figures are mini works of art.  The Fandads have reviewed a few Hot Toys figures before and have a few more coming soon. These figures are available through Sideshow Collectibles and they have payment plans for all of the items they sell. 
Amazing Spider-Man 2

I prefer this Spider-Man suit better than the one in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie.

The Joker

I bought the first version of this Joker when it was originally released.  This version improved a little on the likeness of the face and comes with a great backdrop to display him on. 

If your a fan of the villains than this Loki figure might be what you are looking for.  Another figure done great and at first glance you would swear it was Tom Hiddleston and not a toy.

Baby Groot

This was just released and would make an awesome gift for the Groot fan in your family.

There you have it.  These are some of the items that we think will be a hit this year with your Fandad or Fanmom this holiday season.  Remember, that all of the items can be purchased by clicking on the pictures.

If you like our guide share it with your friends and tell us in the comments what you think we should have added or what you would like to see in the next gift guide that we do.

Enjoy your holidays and as always thanks for reading.

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