Thoughts to my son on his birthday

This month my son celebrates his second birthday and these past two years have flown by.  It feels like he was just learning to crawl the other day and now he is running around, crawling into the refrigerator and keeping me up late on some nights.
There are days where I just stare at him when he is destroying the playroom and I wonder to myself “What kind of father am I to him? Am I really getting him prepared for the future?” I guess I will get the answer to these questions as the years progress, but I decided I will write him a letter, just in case he needs direction.

Hey big guy,

Let me start off by telling you that I am very proud of you.  As you are growing I can see your personality starting to form its shape.  It scares me at times, because you are a little hard-headed, like your mother, but I’m happy about that because it means you will not easily back down for what you believe in.  That is a great trait to have. Don’t ever lose that.
You are adventurous, cheerful, fearless, loud and full of life.  Those are also traits that I do not want you to lose. I love just sitting down and watching your mind explore what is around you, be it jumping from couch to couch, or constructing objects with your blocks, you amaze me with your imagination.  There are times when you sit by the window and just examine everything in your sight. I can tell you are questioning why things are the way they are and trying to ask me about them, but your words are still being developed.
I can not wait until the days where we can just sit on the stairs and talk about all the elements that surround us. Like I do with your sister, I want to hear your questions and try to answer them to the best of my abilities.  I am not an expert on everything, but together we can expand our minds with new topics and learn.  Learning is a great thing and I hope you and your sister appreciate all that the world has to offer you.

I remember how we decided to go to our local park one day and I forgot that it was under construction.  When we got there it was all fenced up and we could not play in there, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.  We ran around and looked at the new park and I started picturing us playing in there as soon as it opens up.
We made a good situation out of a bad one and that is something that you should always try to do: Find the good in a bad situation. Instead of complaining about the bad things going on, do something to turn it around and make it a better situation.  
I know that there are times that I am not with you 100 percent. By that I mean we are in the same room playing together, but my mind is wondering off somewhere.  I want you to know that at those times, I am thinking about things that I should not be thinking, like: bills, my career, our home and what the future holds for us.  Instead of my mind wondering, I should be focused on the now. I should just be enjoying the moment and not worry about what is ahead.

I once read a book called “The Power of Now” and it talked about focusing on the now and not the past or the future. I have lost that and I need to do that now with you and your sister.  You two are constantly changing and I do not want to miss a moment of that.  
Remember as you get older there are things that are going to happen to you that you can not control.  What makes you the person you are is how you react to those situations.  I feel that your mother and I are raising you with so much love that when you come to those moments, you will rise above them. 
Now some of my favorite quotes that will help you out in life:
“Do, or do not, there is no try.”
“If you put your mind to it, anything is possible.”
“Never give up, never surrender!”
“With great power comes great responsibility.”
“You got a friend in me.”
Ok, big guy. That’s all for now. I didn’t mean to take up too much of your time, but I hope you come back to this post every now and then, because I think you will get something different from each reading.
Love you,
Your Daddy
Who knows? Maybe he’ll read this, maybe he won’t, but I think he will…when I’m not looking.
(Disclaimer: Even though our jeans and my son’s shirt for the pictures posted above were given to us by our friends at Lee Jeans, we were not paid for this post. All the thoughts and opinions in this piece are my own.)
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