Dia Del Nino/Day of the Child (Yep, they get a day to themselves too)

Photo by Guillermo Ossa/StockVault

April 30th was Dia del Niño.  This is a day when families celebrate their children. It is a national holiday in Mexico and it is starting to grow in popularity across the country. According to the National Museum of Mexican Art (NNMA), they have one of the largest Day of the Child celebrations in the country, right here in Chicago.

This day has been celebrated in Mexico since 1925 but many other nations throughout the world celebrate it as well. We planned a lot of fun activities and events at the school where I teach, but many libraries, museums, churches and other organizations have events going on as well.

Some of these activities include: music performances, face painting, contests, games, and participating in sports. Whatever it is you do, it is important that children are recognized as an important part of society and that they are accepted, appreciated, and loved. While it is hard to do at times, we should always remember that children represent the hopes and dreams of our communities.

Other schools ask children to bring toys or other presents to give to less fortunate children. Charity towards organizations such as orphanages, is also encouraged. I know my daughter was asked to donate items for animal shelters at her school (I think each grade level was doing something for a different charity or cause). 

I bought my kids a storybook and plan on reading it with them later today, (it’s also El Dia de Los Libros/Day of the Books according to some sites, lol) and maybe getting some ice cream.

I hope you had a great Dia de los Ninos!
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