The Fandads and friends share early Star Wars memories on May the 4th.

I recently mentioned that I was going to start a monthly Star Wars series until the release of the next movie.  Last month’s post was put to the side because of the recently released second trailer.  I mean, if Star Wars releases a new trailer you put everything down and watch it over and over and over and over again.

So this month we will have two posts and there is no better time to start this than on May the 4th. Ready? Let’s begin.

“A long time ago in a blog post far, far away…..

One thing about Star Wars that is universal is our first or earliest memory about watching it.  I sent out a few Bothan spies to get some information about some of these moments from fellow dadbloggers.  A few Bothans returned, but sadly many others did not make it.  Enjoy these moments and share with us your first Star Wars memories in the comments below. 

I remember seeing Star Wars when I was about 5 years old.  Back in those days you could pretty much sit in the theater all day and not be told to leave, so I think we saw it about two times that day, maybe three.  Everything that was on the screen blew my mind.  I remember leaving the theater and wanting all the toys and wanting to fly an X-wing fighter.  I didn’t realize it at that moment, but this movie was going to become a huge part of my life.


My first memory is the Ewoks.  I remember watching them crushing the AT-STs at the battle of Endor. I also remember the Speeder Bikes, seeing them in action was awesome. The way they flew through the trees was just incredible. I wanted one. 


My earliest memory of Star Wars was my father bringing home a Beta tape (smaller than VHS) with the movie on it. “Star Wars” was scrawled in handwriting that didn’t belong to my father. I watched it over and over and over. I loved all the characters. I wanted to be Luke and I wanted, like Han, to have a Wookie be my friend and co-pilot. 


I’m old enough to be one of the original Star Wars generation (age 6), but saw it slightly later than initial release – not until May ’78. Because of this I had already seen toys and read early comics, so I was familiar with the characters.

When the movie started, I remember disappointedly saying to my friend  “Where’s Chewie? Where’s Darth Vader?” as it seemed to be just 3P0 and R2 for ages.

The funny thing is, that history repeated itself. When I finally showed my daughter Star Wars (age 2), her reaction was the same – “Wheres Darth Vader? Where’s Princess Leia?” – as she knew characters through the Jeffrey Brown books and my toys first.


Return of the Jedi was the first movie I saw in theaters at 3 (possibly late 2), and it set me on the path I’m on today. My strongest memory of watching it as a kid is watching it on VHS at home, though, when I would always have to run out of the room when the Rancor scene started. Not because the Rancor was scary, but because I would always get upset when the Rancor keeper started to cry after his pet creature got crushed. Which is why this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen:


I remember seeing it in 1977 at the drive-in with my parents. I felt like a big-shot because they let me sit with them in the front seat of the vanagon. 1/2 way through the movie the sound went out all the way until the medal ceremony at the end. I didn’t care. The movie was that awesome. Thus began my life-long affair with Star Wars, in the most cliche location for any affair to begin…at the drive-in.


Did any of these memories make you remember your Star Wars memory?  Please let us know what you thought and share with us in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and May the 4th be with you.
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