Are you ready to play catch up? LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Premieres July 6th!

Early this year when I went to Dad 2.0 in San Francisco, LEGO and Lucasfilm treated all of us to an advance preview of a new television series that we could not talk about.  We signed papers, gave them our fingerprints, a sample of our blood and were told which bounty hunter was going to hunt us down if we leaked any of this information to the masses.* Now, we can safely share the news the LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales is coming to a small screen near you on July 6th.

What is Droid Tales? Droid Tales is a fun 5 part series that recaps the Star Wars movies for your entire family to get them ready for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens.  These episodes are told in a fun and hilarious narrative that any fan of LEGO should be familiar with.  If you have played the LEGO video games or seen some of the shows, you know that they do not take themselves very serious and just enjoy having fun with the story.

Even though the episode we saw at Dad 2.0 was not completely finished, it was hilarious.  They recapped Episode 1, made fun of the holes in the plot, there were references to Snakes on a Plane and showed the importance of paying attention to warning signs.  I can tell you that the theater we saw this in was full of laughter.  There were so many great jokes throughout the episode that all the dads in attendance were laughing out loud. I can not wait to see the rest of the series with my family and my daughter has recently seen the commercials and is excited to watch this too.

LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales premieres on July 6th on DisneyXD (Check listing for local times).

*(No parents were actually harmed in the writing of this post, but the bounty hunter assigned to me, Bossk, was not a pleasant housemate and would constantly eat all of my chocolate ice cream. I hope he does not read this.)

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