Playing it safe with the Kidde RemoteLync Monitor. #Sponsored

When I was little I never really was concerned with safety. I would ride my bike everywhere without a helmet. I would jump over fences without looking at what was below and just rough house with my friends throughout the day until it was time to come inside.

It seems that when you were younger safety was not really a big concern, but as you got older, you started becoming more conscious as to what you were doing and what was going on around you.

Now, as a parent, I am constantly thinking about the safety of my children and with the RemoteLync Monitor from Kidde, that is one thing that I do not have to worry about too much.

Ok, so here’s the scenario; you are out with your family and did not realize that you left the stove on, for some reason of another.  You get back home and see that your house is being hosed down by the local fire department and your neighbors are all huddled around watching your belongings being soaked from the water.

Hopefully, every home has a smoke alarm set up, but what if you had a device that could send you a text message when it sensed smoke in your home? Better yet, what if this same device would send you a text when it smelled carbon monoxide in your home?

This is exactly what the RemoteLync Monitor from Kidde does with a free App download (available on iOS and Android). It also does it with the help from your current fire and CO alarms. That’s right, you do not have to upgrade your current alarms to have them work with the RemoteLync.  This monitor works with all current detectors and is very easy to install.

I could write out in step-by-step fashion how easy it is to install the monitor, but if you can connect something to a wall, know how to follow directions and know how to download an app, then you will have no problem setting up your monitor.  I think the only difficult part for me was pressing the test button on one of my fire alarms because it was high on the ceiling in the front room.

Testing out the monitor is pretty simple, but I have to add that the button is a little sensitive. Every now and then when I connected something on the top outlet it would accidentally press the test button. That has been the only thing negative for the monitor. One thing I would suggest is to connect it at an outlet that you might not use as much.

One day my wife disconnected the monitor to plug in one of our kid’s tablet chargers without me knowing about it.  I got the text below that notified me of the disconnection and I reconnected it and then got the text telling me that the monitor is up and running again.

Notifications via text message
Another added bonus to the monitor is that not only will it text you about any alarms going off in your house, but it will also text a set amount of contacts for you. This is great because say you have an emergency and you are at work, the app will text the people you stored as contacts. That way whoever is closer to your home can check out the emergency and inform you of the situation. 
Ever since installing the Kidde monitor I have started feeling more relaxed whenever I go out. I know that I got a good system watching my home, and I will be alerted if anything were to happen.  
When I was younger I really did not think that being safe was important, but I guess being safe is important after all. Thanks Kidde! 
(Disclaimer: Fandads was provided with a RemoteLync Monitor from Kidde. All opinions and views are our own and we strongly feel that safety is important to everyone.)

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