Marvel’s Ant-Man Digital release and giveaway.

I remember when I saw the leaked footage from Edgar Wright’s version of Ant-Man and I was amazed. I knew a little about Ant-Man and his storyline, but I was not sure which way they would go in the movie.  Once I finally saw the movie, I was blown away. 

What I saw in the theaters was a great combination of action, humor and tender moments with Scott and his daughter. The movie was a fun getaway from all the other Marvel movies that have been released because, I felt, it had a little more heart than the others. 
Now I can sit here and talk (type) about the movie all day, but I want to know what you thought of it. What were your favorite movements? What parts did you not like? What are you looking forward to in the sequel?  
Share with us your thoughts and while you are at it take a moment or two to fill out the rafflecopter below and enter to win one of ten digital copies of Marvel’s Ant-Man.  Good luck to everyone!

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