Spending the Holiday season with Disney Movies.

This is the time in the Holiday season when movie studios start releasing a barrage of movies to keep families entertained during the cold weather. Disney is one of those studios that has a plethora of movies that are coming out that are sure to attract the eyes of every member of the family.

Let’s get our popcorn ready, purchase our tickets and prepare for some good times at the movies this winter and beyond.


Starting on November 25th THE GOOD DINOSAUR asks the question of what if the asteroid that hit planet Earth missed. Looking at the trailer and the few clips that are available right now, this movie seems to focus on family and friendship…although I could be wrong, but I guess we will find out later this month.

Starting on the 14th of this month Disney kicked off DINOWEEK, which is a fun way for people who love dinosaurs to see brand new clips, featurettes and activities about THE GOOD DINOSAUR. The clip below is one of the clips available to see on the site along with some cool activities your children can do. You can purchase your tickets for the movie here.


Since I was a little boy I have been a huge fan of this franchise and I can not wait to see this movie. While there are a lot of new trailers and commercials out right now I am trying to limit the ones that I see.

I tried really hard not to see this one, but the latest television spot has a mysterious voice talking about eyes and it just keeps building the anticipation I have for this movie. Can December 18th get here any faster? 

This is a lot of great new footage in this spot, but the one that sticks out to me is Finn fighting a StormTrooper with a lightsaber.  That scene just looks intense. Don’t forget to grab your tickets soon.


I saw the trailer for THE FINEST HOURS one day while watching Nothing But Trailers, I love watching that show. As the trailer played I thought that this was just another movie about a young couple in love, but then the tone changed when I saw Casey Affleck on a boat that was in trouble.  I won’t say much about this movie, because I think the second trailer says enough to make you want to see this movie. 
Now I know that some of these are a while away, but what if you are looking for something to do with the family now and through the winter season?  Well, don’t worry because Disney has you covered with their Disney Screen promotion going on right now through January 14, 2016.
If you are unfamiliar with the Disney Screen program, it is a new way to watch your favorite Disney films on the big screen. Each week Disney Screen hosts four classic Disney films.  All four similar themed films play each day are are accompanied with a short film.  New films start each Friday and each week had a theme consistent with the four films being shown. 
Here is the schedule of the films that are being shown this year:
When watching these movies at your participating theater you will see a code word on the screen that will get you a free small popcorn and drink when you say the word at the box-office as you purchase your tickets for THE GOOD DINOSUAR.
There are a few films on the schedule that I wold love to see with my daughter. Now we just have to plan on which ones we really want to see. 
With ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and FINDING DORY coming out next year, it seems like we will have plenty to keep us going to the theaters and enjoying the fabulous adventures that are playing out on the screen in front of us. 

Thanks for reading. 
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