Celebrating 100 Years of Magic with Disney on Ice #Sponsored

Ice Capades was the big thing that my parents would always take us to. My dad would get the tickets and we would make it a family day.  I can’t remember many of the acts that we saw at these shows, but I just remember the joy of being there with my family.
Now that I have children of my own, I want them to have those same memories when they get older. I want them to have a smile on their faces when they are watching some sort of ice show with their own children.  I want them to remember all of the Disney shows that we went to and the joy that we had there. 

This past week my family and I attended the latest Disney on Ice show 100 Years of Magic at the United Center, and the show did not disappoint.  My daughter was dressed in her Cinderella costume and was excited to see her favorite characters skate on the ice to her favorite songs.

The show started with a quick message about exercising and everyone stood up and did a dance together.  It was a fun way to get everyone involved in the show and prepare for the fun that was to come.
I always get excited when I see Mickey and Minnie Mouse come out on the ice.  There is just a feeling of joy I get, it’s like seeing an old friend that you have not seen in awhile.  I also love seeing the look on my children’s faces when all the characters come out too. My son has a look of bewilderment that takes me back to when I was his age. 
Now I could sit here and give you play-by-play of what we saw on the ice that night, but I feel that would take away from creating your special moments with your children. While at the show, glance over at your children every now and then and see the different reactions on their face when their favorite (or not so favorite) character comes out to skate. 

Just take that moment in and remember how magical it all was the first time you attended one of these shows. It was also such a great feeling sitting there and listening to thousands of voices, including my daughter and wife, singing “Let it Go” with all their hearts. That is something that has to be experienced to be cherished.

One moment that did bring a tear to my eye was during the Aladdin moment.  Just hearing the voice of Robin Williams gave me chills and made me realize that my daughter has yet to see Aladdin. This needs to be fixed and soon. 
By the end of the night, I could see the sleepiness in my children’s eyes and could only imagine the fantastic dreams they would dream that night. 
Since I was young, Disney has been a huge part of my life and here we are four decades later and I am sharing it with my children. As I stated earlier, I picture Disney being part of my family’s lives for many years to come and I can’t wait to hear what stories my grandchildren will tell me when they see their first Disney on Ice show. 
(Disclaimer: The Fandads received free tickets by Feld Entertainment to attend the opening night performance. All opinions and thoughts are our own.)
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