We saw DEADPOOL and here is our review!

So it is no surprise that DEADPOOL is coming to the theaters in a week. I mean if you have not seen the posters, commercials, or online videos then you obviously have not been paying attention and I would be on the look out that DEADPOOL doesn’t get you for not noticing his ads.

Thanks to the fine folks at Fox, the Fandads were able to attend an early screening of the movie and instead of telling you about how fantastic it was, we have decided to give you a list of why you will enjoy watching the movie. So sit back, grab your loved one and read our 10 reasons why you’ll love DEADPOOL.

Now, we know that everyone loves lists so here we go!!

1. The Cast – Ryan Reynolds is perfect as Wade Wilson AKA DEADPOOL. Morena Baccarin – 
    Vanessa, T.J. Miller – Weasel, and Ed Skrien – Ajax,  all kill it in their roles. 
2. There are plenty of jabs at other comic book movies, movie studios and actors, even one named 
    Ryan Reynolds.
3. There are so many jokes that multiple viewings will be required to catch all of them. Yes, you will 
    be laughing a lot. 
4. References to some fantastic childhood toys and some not so fantastic childhood/movie-related
5. Did we mention the action? A lot of great actions sequences. A lot of great, bloody, violent and 
    amazing action sequences. 

6. This is a great origin story if you never heard of DEADPOOL. It really sticks to the comic in terms 
    of the humor, violence and breaking the fourth wall. 

7. Stan Lee….that is all I will say on that one.

8. Cartoon animals and unicorns….trust me, it will make sense when you watch the movie.

9. You will think of the song “Calendar Girl” by Neil Sedaka in a different way after seeing this.
    Happy International Woman’s Day!

10. The after-credit scene will go over some people’s heads while others will love it.

If this list does not convince you to check out this superhero movie, well we can’t call him a superhero because he doesn’t like that term, but let’s say anti-hero movie, then you will miss out on one helluva fun ride.

Kid Friendly – No, not at all. Definitely not for kids.

Violence – A lot of it. I mean, have you not seen the red band trailer.

Fandads Rating – 5 out of 5.

Thanks for reading.

(All images provided by Fox and tweaked by the Fandads)

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