Exercising with khakis? Yeah, it can happen.

Everyone is always trying to find that level of comfortability. As a dad, I want to dress as comfortable as possible when doing my day-to-day routine. I wake up early, get my daughter ready for school and then when I get back home I want to rest for a little while before jumping into my dad duties. 
So what’s the best way to be relaxed and still look good…or at least somewhat good in my case? Keep reading and I’ll let you know what my new secret is.

I’m not the “pajama pants” guy. No disrespect to those that do that, but I like to put on some pants in the morning when I leave the house. I do envy those people because once they get home they can just relax and not worry about changing out of those PJ pants. When I get home from dropping off my daughter I want to lay down and plan out what I am going to do for the day.

Sometimes laying down in my jeans gets a little uncomfortable due to my belt buckle pressing into my belly. So this leads to me putting on some sweats and starting my day until it’s time to pick up my daughter at school. Then I have to change into my pants again.
One day I got a box delivered to me from my friends at Lee Jeans. Inside the box was a couple of pairs of their new X-Treme Comfort Khakis, and I tried them on to see how they fit.  Let me tell you, these pants were very comfortable that I wore them for the rest of the day and forgot that they were khakis.  These pants have an elastic waistband and make it easy for me to work around the house and still look halfway decent when I step out to run my errands. 
Photo courtesy of Lee Jeans

Hanging out with a toddler all day is super easy too with these khakis. When I’m bending down and changing diapers or just running around the house after him, I do not have to worry about these pants creeping up on me when doing all of this and giving me a wedgie. These pants also make it easy for me to do walking lunges when carrying my kids.

I am not lying about the praise that I am singing for these khakis that I am seriously thinking about doing my next run while wearing them.  Will that happen? I guess you have to stay tuned to find out. 
If you don’t take my word for how great these khakis are, listen to what some of my fellow dad bloggers have to say and maybe you’ll see a familiar face in the video. 
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