Running “on your left” in Washington D.C. or Look at me trying to be sporty #100.

Last week I posted the above photo to our Instagram page and asked the question “What does this have to do with being a #FitDad?” We, let me answer that question for you, it is actually the beginning of a new way of life for me. If I want to return to the Spartan Race and finish this year I must take my training seriously.

Last month I did a recap of the Yeti Run that I ran and how I was going to use that race to start getting ready for the Spartan race this year. Well since that run I have not ran as much as I should have, but I started doing little work outs at home in order to get ready.  Working out at home is somewhat of a challenge somedays because you do not have anyone to motivate you, but that all changed with an email.

The latest Dad 2.0 newsletter arrived and in it was a question that pertained to what I was doing, “Does your dadbod need a reboot?” Yes, this is exactly what I was asking myself.  The SmartyPants  Dadbod Reboot was a 2-week body, mind and spirit exercise plan that only took 30 minutes a day. There was a private Facebook page run by Dai Manuel, who runs the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, where all the dads that signed up could encourage each other and share their progress with the group. All the dads that signed up received a cool bag of swag which included the items at the top of this post.

As the days were getting closer to Dad 2.0, I kept up with the program as much as possible but veered off course for a few days. When I got back on track I remembered last year’s summit in San Francisco  and how I asked if anyone wanted to go for a run on that Saturday morning. I received a good amount of replies and a group of us ran along towards the Ferry Building Marketplace and along the Embarcadero.

This year I sent out the same message and received more replies than the previous year. Being that we were in Washington D.C. I thought it would be great to run along the National Mall. I thought it would be cool to recreate the opening scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier as we ran along the Reflecting Pool. Sadly, due to construction at the Mall, the pool was empty so we could not do that. 

One thing that I did get to do was take a selfie with my running bandana in front of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Being that we were in Washington, I did not wear the bandana the entire time for fear of being tackled by secret service.

Now that I am back home what am I going to do to continue getting ready for the Spartan Run? I am going to make more time for running, that’s for sure, but I am also joining a tribe.  I have signed up with Dai’s WLFM for 28 days to a better me and I am excited about starting this free program.  If you are interested in learning more about the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto check out the website and maybe sign up for their next month long program.

Note: The making of a training sandbag is still going to happen. I just need to find time to film it correctly and share it with you.

Thanks for reading.

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