Rethinking Snack time with Revolution Foods #Sponsored

(Disclaimer: Thank you to Revolution Foods for this giveaway. Although we did receive some of their products to write this post, all views and opinions are our own.) 

The first time my daughter went on a field trip for her school she asked if I can draw something on her lunch bag to make it easy for her to recognize. Ever since that trip she always tells me what movie or cartoon characters she wants and I try to draw them to the best of my ability. Now while the outside of the bag looks pretty cool, what’s inside the bag is a little more important. 

Since the lunches must be disposable, I always make sure to pack something that I know she will eat. Usually her lunch consists of cheese or jelly sandwiches, since peanut butter is not allowed, fruit, usually orange slices, grapes, or apple slices and a juice box.

My daughter loves her lunches, but every now and then we need to switch it up so she does not get tired of the same thing over and over. It just so happened that Revolution Foods reached out to us about their Lunch Bundles and I thought it would be great to have these for her next field trip. 

I received the Superfood and Sundipper boxes to try out and the variety in these boxes are sure to connect with your child if they are a picky eater. 
The Superfood bundle contains: Trail mix, corn & flat chips, chickpeas & almonds, dark chocolate raisins and veggie crisps. 
The Sundipper bundle contains: trail mix, no-nut butter, gluten-free pretzels, dried bananas and soy nut. 
My daughter was a bit hesitant about eating some of the items in the boxes, but she did like the veggie crisps and gluten-free pretzels. I decided to make her regular lunch for her filed trip, because I was afraid that she would not eat anything and come home hungry.
The other items I use as a snack here at home. My children enjoy the dark chocolate raisins because it has chocolate, but hopefully they will start trying out the other foods later. 

So after all this talk, who is Revolution Foods?

Revolution Foods was founded by two moms on a mission to transform the way America eats, Revolution Foods set out to solve the problem of limited access t health meals.  The company’s innovative approach began with serving freshly prepared, healthy meals to students in schools nationwide, and the company is now serving over 1.5 million school meals every week in 15 states.  Parent and kid demand for Revolution Foods products inspired the company to expand to the grocery aisles. Today, Revolution Foods is becoming the nations’s trusted leader in family nutrition by offering a full line of healthy, ready-to-eat, on-the-go meals and snacks to nourish families throughout the day.  

Parents can feel extra great about choosing Lunch Bundles because Revolution Foods donates 1 percent of all retail sales toward helping schools serve fresh, healthy meals to students.

Would you like to win your own prize pack show at the top of this post?  If your answer is yes, answer the following question in the comments below: “What was your favorite food to find in your lunch bag when you were a kid?”

A winner will be chosen on Wednesday, June 1, so make sure to come back to see if you are the winner.

Good luck to all!

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