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Can dads be smooth? Of course we can! Even though we are somewhat portrayed as bumbling idiots on television every now and then, dads can be the smoothest men in the room sometimes. Yeah, it took me a while to open up the packaging in the picture above, but that doesn’t mean anything. I mean, we obviously had to be smooth if we got our wives to marry us, am I right? Anyone? Anyone?

Ok, dad jokes aside, I will admit that I am not the smoothest dad around. I fumble with fixing my daughter’s hair once in a while, and I might have forgotten my son’s diaper bag on a quick trip to the grocery store, but hey, things happen. We learn from these mistakes, move on, and hope that our children learn a lesson or two when they see us mess up.

Speaking of messes. Being at home with my children, I try to keep the house looking nice and clean; however, the words “Children” and “Clean house” are pretty much an oxymoron. As soon as you clean one mess, another one pops up. It’s kind of like Gremlins and water. I’m not saying my children are gremlins, but they do have gremlin-like tendencies. Ok, let me get back on track.

To clean up I try to get my children involved, you know, make it like a game for them. I’ll tell my daughter that I can sweep faster than she can run the carpet cleaner on the rug in the living room. Most of the time it works. Other times it fails miserably. She’s getting too smart for my trickery.

My son is still a toddler, so I can use my smooth moves to get him to help in cleaning up. The only drawback to him is that when he starts getting tired, the tantrums begin. That’s when I have to lay him down for his nap and clean his mess by myself. Hey, wait a minute, maybe that is his plan all along.

Well, one way that I know I can still be smooth is when it is time to shave off the poor excuse of a beard that I have growing on my face. It just doesn’t connect the way I would like it to and…never mind. So, how do I get a smooth shave you ask? By using the new Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition Razor from Costco.

Let me show you my simple steps to get the smoothest shave ever with minimal interruptions from your children.

Step 1 – Grab your Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition razor.  

Yeah, I know this is kind of obvious that you need a razor to shave, but you have to make sure that you have everything you need before beginning. Once you go into the bathroom, you have to take advantage of that time while your children are hopefully distracted by the movie/television show that you put on for them to watch.

Step 2 – Lock your door

While this step seems a bit harsh, you do not want your children running into the bathroom unexpectedly while you are holding a sharp object in your hand. Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

Step 3 – Lather up.

Now that your children are occupied and it looks like everything is a go, lather yourself up, and prepare to shave. I used the Gillette Fusion ProGlide 2-in-1 Shave Gel, Ocean Breeze, for my shave. It has a nice cool feeling to it, and I just love the smell of it.

Step 4 – Tell your oldest child to stop picking on the youngest.

It is bound to happen a few times while you try shaving; your children are always going to find a way to interrupt you. What you need to do in that situation is calmly tell them to try to get along for a few more minutes while you finish shaving. Once the noise has settled, take a deep breath and continue with your shave.

Step 5 – Continue with your shave.

That’s right, you can continue enjoying the DuraComfort™ Blades and Responsive Blade Suspension that the new Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition has to offer, while your kids are quietly playing together. Wait a minute….

Step 6 – Listen for your children.

It’s nice when your children are playing quietly together, but any parent knows that when your children are too quiet something must be up. This is the time when you have to listen attentively and decide: do you take your time with your shave or hurry up and see what is happening outside your bathroom door?

Step 7 – Show off your smooth shave.

Yes, I chose to hurry up and check on my children, but I still got a smooth shave that was 100% redness-free. (It’s possible with Mach3®.) My skin was not irritated by the close shave and I think that had to do with the extra-lubricating gel strip (vs. Mach3®).

I know that you are all excited to try out the new Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition razor and wondering where you can get your hands on it. I bought mine at my local Costco, but if there is not one near you they are also readily available online. I found mine near the front of the store in the health and beauty section. I love that they come with not just the razor handle but 14 cartridges for refills, too.

What are some of the things that make you a “Smooth Dad?” Share with us below your smooth moves and any shaving advice you may have. Maybe you will use the Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition razor to shave your head or your… did you know the Netherlands are known for their flat landscape? There’s a fun fact for you.

Until next time, thanks for reading.
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