Passing the Torch

Pokemon GO! Am I right? It’s taking over the nation, nay, the world. It’s everywhere but don’t worry this isn’t another blog about Pokemon Go.

Not that I’ve gotten to play that much anyway.

It’s about the Pokemon trading card game! Sort of. Anyway, my daughters have been into Pokemon for about a year now. They started watching the show on Netflix and my oldest slowly became interested in the trading card game. Of course this was a huge moment for me. I’ve played trading card games on and off for over half of my life and I was excited to have another hobby I could share with my kids.

Magic the Gathering was, as far as I know, the first trading card game. For those that aren’t familiar with collectible card games (CCG) or trading card games (TCG) they’re basically card games that have specific rules and designs. There are so many now that they can vary greatly but Pokemon and Magic the Gathering (MTG) have many similarities. You have creatures, you use resources to put them into play. They can attack and/or defend and they have hit points of a type. You have one team and your opponent has another.
I’ve been playing MTG for over 20 years now, yikes, yeah that long. So I’ve build up quite the collection.
Just a fraction of my collection of decks.

Like any good hobby (and as every money making company knows) there are tons of accessories available. Sleeves to protect your cards, boxes to protect your decks, playing mats to protect everything, dice, counters, etc. Naturally I have my share of these accessories and I had an extra deck box lying around.

Sera made it her own.
It was a cool moment. All those years of playing and I don’t think I ever imagined playing with my own kids, at least not until recently. You make a lot of good memories playing games with friends, family, and random opponents. I don’t have as much time to play anymore, which is a bummer, but it’s nice to see that at some point that might change.
I have no idea what they’re playing here but I heard someone yell “Uno!”

As always, thanks for reading!

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