Peppa Pig: Sun, Sea and Snow DVD review

The one cool thing about cartoons is that they get recycled with your children. You spend countless hours watching one show with your child and when they grow out of it, you find yourself back watching the same how with your second child years later. One of those shows that have gone through that rotation in my house is Peppa Pig.

When my daughter was younger we would watch Peppa’s adventures with her family. I mean, what’s not to love about this cute little pig with a delightful accent and her family. If you have never seen her before, Peppa is a little pig who has little adventures with her family and her school friends. Now I am not talking Indiana Jones type adventures, but just little, every day, household adventures that young children have when they are around friends and family. 
Peppa Pig: Sun, Sea, and Snow has 12 episodes of the television show all bundled up together for the family to enjoy. Each episode has Peppa and her family either going to the beach, going with the entire school on a skiing trip or just getting lost in their backyard. Yep, in one episode they get lost due to some heavy fog. 
Now, let me talk about this episode for a moment. You know how there are times when you do not watch a television show for months and the one time you sit down to watch it an episode you have already seen before? Yep, this fog episode, or Foggy Day as it is titled, is the one episode that, to me, seems like is always on.

Every time I put Peppa Pig on for my son it’s the fog episode and when we sat down to watch this DVD I almost flipped out when the fog episode started. It felt like Peppa was torturing me by putting this episode with the others on this DVD. Now I will always have this episode on DVD and will probably see it a million times because we all know that our children love watching their DVDs over and over and over again. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate this short collection of episodes, there are some fun ones on here. Like the skiing trip episode was pretty funny. Mommy pig tries to show the group what she can do and it does not go as she planned. The one with the secret box was also a cute one because it kind of teaches children about patience. And if you have every had to host a slumber party at your house, you might get a kick out of that episode. 
Peppa Pig; Sun, Sea, and Snow is now available on Digital HD and DVD. 
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