What the Chicago Cubs win means to me.

By the time you read this, it would have finally happened: Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions. It’s pretty crazy to say that and it’s even crazier to see it happen. 

I have been a Cubs fan for my whole life, but you would never know it. I am not the type of fan that knows every single stat or record that the players hold. I guess, I’m just a causal fan. When I think about it, I think I have only had one Cubs shirt my entire life. I have had a few Cubs hats and I remember my favorite hat was a painter’s cap that I bought one year in front of Wrigley Field. (Come to think of it, I have only had one Chicago Bears shirt that I recently tossed out because it was already full of holes and falling apart.)
I grew up on Clark and Argyle, which is a few miles away from the Friendly Confines. I remember the older kids biking there during the summer and coming back with a practice ball or an autograph from a player they saw. I always loved walking around the park and looking at all the vendors around the area and wanting to buy all the cool collectibles that were available. My favorite was a puppet dog that made a squeeky noise when you opened it’s mouth and a small half circle piece of leather that you would put on your tongue to whistle. Does anyone remember that? I don’t remember what is was called. 

Even though we lived so close to Wrigley Field, my family hardly ever went to a game. We would watch the games on television and I think it was because we liked listeing and watching Harry Caray do the play-by-play. It was always funny seeing how drunk he would be by the end of the game. There was just something about watching the games at home with my father that made me feel good.

When I was in grammar school, a group of us were invited by IBM and the Cubs to go to a game. I went with my dad and that was one of the first times I went to see the Cubs with him. It was a fun experience to be there and I remember we all got a picture with our names on the marquee along with an autographed picture of a Cub player. It’s funny that I remember some of the students singing “Parents don’t understand” on the bus ride back, but I can’t remember who the autograph picture was from.

As the years went by and I got older, I would go to the games with friends and family. I always enjoyed being at Wrigley Field and watching the games there. Just being around so many people that have the same passion and commitment to a team that you love is just a wonderful feeling. I guess that is one reason why I love going to comic conventions, because there are so many people from different areas together for the same thing.

My family got lucky a few years ago when we were invited by our friend Jim Higley and Dove Men+Care to watch a Cubs game. It was all part of their #BigLeagueDads campaign and a group of dadbloggers all came together to watch the game. That was the first time I watched a game with my daughter and son and it was just magical to be there. I said to myself that this will be the first of many games that we should go to together.

Watching the Chicago Cubs celebrate their World Series Championship on televsion made me wish I was watching this game with my father. Seeing all the fans cheer them on made me wish I was in Cleveland watching the game live with him. My father and I have gone to a few Chicago Bulls games together, but it’s been years since we saw the Cubs together.

So what does this all have to do with what the Cubs win means to me? It means that my children are lucky enough to have seen a few Chicago Blackhawks championships and now they have witnessed history. They do not have to deal with all the heartbreak of watching a season end too soon. They can see how hard work and not giving up can help you accomplish any goal that you set for yourself. The Cubs win is not only good for the city, but it’s great for teaching kids about determination and working together.

My children will see how a city gets behind its team and no matter what the outcome can be, they are there to support them. The Cubs win shows my children about the importance of teammates and how team work is important in everything that they will do in life.

This Cubs win is important because it reminds me of the days when we would sit at home and watch the games and say to ourselves, “Next year will be the year.” Well, after tonight, we do not need to say that anymore. This year was the year.

Thank you for the win Chicago Cubs and congratulations!

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