The Super Hero we need right now. #WonderWoman

I think I talked about how when I was younger my babysitter would always have a stack of comic books for me to read while she took care of me. While many of the books were Marvel, there would be a few DC books hidden among the pile and these were my first introduction to Wonder Woman.

While I saw her and read her stories I didn’t think much of her at that time, it wasn’t until I started watching the television series with Linda Carter that I began to like Wonder Woman. Maybe it was my adolescent hormones or just the fact this lady was kicking butt on television on a weekly basis that I became a fan.

It was kind of unheard of to see this strong, powerful woman defeat the bad guys with her bullet deflecting gauntlets and magic lasso that every week intrigued me. Looking back at it now, some of the episodes are pretty cheesy. I’m looking at you invisible jet, but they are still pretty fun to watch.

Now that I am older and a father I have exposed my daughter to my favorite movies and comic book characters, but I never pushed them on her. She knows that I love Spider-Man, but she doesn’t consider him one of her favorites. She, like her mother, is a fan of Superman and Wonder Woman and with the Wonder Woman movie coming out soon, she can not wait to see it.

It has been over a year since the character was introduced in Batman v. Superman and to be honest, the scenes with her were probably the best ones in the movie. She has a fantastic look and the music that plays whenever she appears just gets you hyped up to see what is going to happen. With all my heart I want this movie to be amazing, not just for me, but for my daughter and other little girls and big girls that look up to Wonder Woman.

Think of the last few movies that were put on the shoulders of female superheroes and those pretty much fell flat. Wonder Woman represents a new era in super hero movies where we just don’t have men spending their money to see them, but we also have women that want to see a female superhero kick ass on the big screen. I know what you are thinking, we had Black Widow, Elektra and dare I say it Catwoman, but sadly Black Widow is being underused in the Avengers movies and we all saw what happened to the other two. Hopefully with the Wonder Woman movie, studios will see the potential in making more of these movies or using the female characters they have now in a better way.

I know that there are going to be people that will complain about the character, her look or maybe how her back story is portrayed in the movie, but think about the number of times your favorite character went through some changes. While we would love for our favorite characters not to change, sometimes they have to when introduced to a new audience for the first time. With anything that is new, it has to be paced out before you get the entire thing. Who knows what storylines they will try to tell if this Wonder Woman movie is a success? Maybe if this movie does well, she just won’t have cameo parts or be in ensemble movies with other superheroes.

I know I might be asking for a lot with this movie, but I feel that Wonder Woman represents what all of our children need to see, that not only the men can be strong, powerful and save the world. Woman can do that too and anything else that is put in front of them.

Thanks for reading.

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