What to do! 

Yeah, yeah we know. We are still working on a better title.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way let’s begin with things we can do in the city this weekend.

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is the big thing to do this weekend. Tell me of another great day that you can go to your local comic books store, get some free comics and support your local shop. You know that you are going to buy a few comics while in there, so help support and maybe if you’re lucky there might be cosplayers at your store.

I always try to visit my local shop and other shops that day to see what they have, sometimes all the good books are gone right away so you have to search for them. The cool thing about going to different stores is seeing all the cool things they have there and maybe things you want to buy.

Don’t know where your local comic book shop is? Just click here and you’ll be able to find the store nearest you along with seeing what books are available that day. It’s a great way to plan ahead.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Our review is up and if you are looking for a fun movie to see this weekend, definitely go see this one! I’m not going to rehash everything I said in the review so click the link to read the review and go out and enjoy the movie.

Spirit: Riding Free

If you are staying in with your children this weekend or just looking for a great show to watch with them. Spirit: Riding Free starts streaming today (May 5) on Netflix. We will have a pretty cool giveaway for this show over the weekend so make sure you come back for that.

There you go, a few things to do this weekend and if you can share with us some other things to do that would be fantastic.

We are also taking ideas for a better title than what we have here.

Until next time friends, enjoy your weekend.

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