Another Fantastic Time at C2E2!

C2E2 has come and gone and the Fandads were there to take in all the wonders it had to offer, and this year did it offer some goodies for the entire family. The Fandads went down there with a few missions and were we able to accomplish them? Keep reading to find out.

Saturday was an amazing day. We’ve been going to C2E2 since it started, but there was something just magical about it this Saturday. It seemed that the level of cosplay was turned to 11! Everywhere we looked we saw some fantastic cosplayers that blew our minds. We saw a Samuari Darth Vader and Princess Leia, a life-size K-2SO, Sam from Trick r Treat and the Brown Hornet.

We love seeing people take a character that we are all familiar with and then flip them into a different genre. We also love seeing our favorite characters from Marvel, DC and the Star Wars Saga. This year was a great year for getting amazing pictures with your favorite characters.

Meeting the Man

One mission this Fandad had was to take one final picture with the Man himself, Stan Lee. I was lucky enough to get a picture with him a few years back, but this year I wanted to make it a family affair. I was a little nervous about how my son would react while waiting in line, but it seems like this year he was comfortable with the crowds. He played with his sister while waiting in line and when it was our turn he smiled for the camera, all while wearing his Spider-Man costume. Then there was my daughter who was super excited to take the picture with Stan Lee. Afterwards she was shaking her head, not believing what just happened.

I also wanted to get a shot of the Man with the Fandads. Due to our busy schedules it was tough to pinpoint a time for both of us to go. Either one time was too early or too late, so sadly that plan did not come into fruition. One day we will get a picture of both of us with him….one day.

Find your team mate 

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Another mission we had was to get the Fandaughters to take pictures with their cosplay counterparts. Since we had Harley Quinn, Laura aka X-23 and Black Widow, we tried to find Jokers, Logans and any Avenger we could find for a picture. I say we succeeded in this mission and ended it with a fun group shot of the girls at the Marvel booth.

What did you buy?

There are so many collectibles at C2E2 that your wallet starts to cry as soon as you enter the main floor. Everywhere you look there is something that calls out to you, but you try to restrain yourself from buying it. If you think it’s hard to do that when you are walking the aisle alone, try doing that when you have kids.

My son and daughter have gotten pretty good about not asking to get everything and anything that they see, but that temptation for them to buy something is amplified in what one guy at the booth called “the biggest toy store for the weekend”.

While there were a lot of things to buy, I picked up a few shirts (T-Shirt Thursday fodder) from Super7 and a couple of Tokidoki Moofia characters for my kids. There was a Spider-Man figure that I saw from Bandai Tamashii but they were already sold out of him. Which I guess is a good thing for my wallet.

Family Time

We love that C2E2 expands their family entertainment. This year the Fandaughters had some fun playing in the Legoland section. This area had a Captain America made entirely out of LEGOs. Throughout the convention floor there were other LEGO made characters. One of the coolest ones we saw was Wonder Woman.

There were also great kid focused programming and we passed by a booth where people were doing yoga. Across from the Lego land section the 501st had a sweet set-up with a huge Star Wars Action Figure card to pose and some pretty cool backdrops for pictures and familiar droids rolling around.

Next Year

As always, when leaving the event we are already thinking about what C2E2 will have in store for us next year. The fact that our daughters have fun dressing up and taking pictures with the cosplayers makes the event more exciting every year. Who knows, maybe in a few years both of our families will come completely dressed up and walk around the floor as a team.  Will that happen? We’ll have to wait until next year.

Thank you for another year of creating great memories C2E2 and see you next time!

Thanks for reading.

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