Sharing our memories of Bambi #Giveaway

(Disclaimer: The Fandads have teamed up with Disney to promote the 75th Anniversary release of Bambi in exchange for a giveaway opportunity for our readers. All thoughts, opinions belong to the Fandads and our fellow contributors.) 

With the 75th anniversary of Bambi being released on Blu-ray soon, the Fandads wanted to celebrate the release of the film by thinking back to what our favorite memories of the movie were.

Now being that Gil and I are the Fandads, this post would have been really short if it was just us sharing our memories. I would write out my piece and he would write his and that would be it. So what we decided to do was ask our fellow dadbloggers what their favorite memories are and share them with you. So enjoy our memories and join us in celebrating Bambi.

Victor – Fandads

My favorite memory of seeing Bambi was that my entire family went to see it together. We went to an old theater that doesn’t exist anymore called the Will Rogers Theater. It was a pretty small theater, but my parents would take us there every now and then to see the latest Disney movies there.
I remember being excited going to see the movie and just watching the talking animals on the screen. I remember the friendship between Bambi and Thumper and wanting a talking rabbit for a pet.

Gil – Fandads

I was traumatized from the death of Bambi’s mom.

Benjamin – Poppin’ Bottles Dadcast

I remember watching it in the living room of my grandparents house when I was little. My favorite character was Thumper and I would stand up and stomp my one leg as fast as I could every time he was on screen. It became my nickname for a little while!

Brian – Dashing Dad

“He can call me flower if he wants to. I don’t mind.”
That, and the term “twitterpated”

Mike – Spoon and Knife

Mom decided that Bambi, and in particular the mom’s death, was too traumatic and that we couldn’t see Bambi until at least age 18 when we were legally adults. When my younger brother turned 18, she sent a copy of the movie on VHS. I still haven’t watched it.

Ryan – Standing in the Shallows

I don’t remember this myself, but my parents still talk about how they took me to see Bambi when I was little, and I stood up farther and farther out of my seat as the movie went on. By the time the forest fire broke out, I was gripping the seat back in front of me and frantically running in place in solidarity with the creatures trying to escape the flames.

Lorne – Raising Sienna

My memories of the film are as spotty as Bambi’s coat, but I loved Flower. Cutest skunk in cinematic history.

Simon – Man vs Pink

I don’t recall seeing it as a child, though I’m sure I must have. My memories are of the various clips shown on the Wonderful World of Disney TV shows every year – Bambi walking for first time, meeting Thumper, etc. It became a series of these moments in my head.

I showed it to my daughter recently, more out of a sense of obligation as it as ‘classic’ Disney – and I was struck at what a beautiful and accomplished work is is. The imagery from the film had become so commodified over the years, that it ceased to be a whole story. Bambi has a style and mood that is so sophisticated it feels modern.

The word classic is thrown around too easily these days, but Bambi deserves to be defines as such.

Brent – Designer Daddy

Bambi was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. I was around 6 or 7, we sat in the balcony, and I’m pretty sure it was a double-feature with Gus — the Disney movie about a football-playing mule.
My favorite character from Bambi has always been Flower. I was drawn to his sensitivity and shyness, and the irony of a skunk named Flower. In retrospect, I was always a little surprised he ended up with a female skunk.

What are your favorite memories from watching Bambi? Share with us your memories in the comments below and five people will be chosen to win a digital copy of Bambi. Winners will be chosen on this coming Monday, May 29th. Leave your comment and come back to see if you won.

Arriving on Blu-ray Tuesday, June 6th, you can bring home the endearing, timeless tale of the wide-eyed fawn, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year! This Signature Collection Blu-ray features hours of classic and exclusive bonus material including deleted scenes and characters, Walt Disney discussing the making of BAMBI, and much more. 
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