Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray release and Giveaway

Disclaimer: The Fandads have teamed up with Disney to help promote the upcoming release of Beauty and the Beast in exchange for digital copies of the movie to giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Earlier this year the Fandads were invited to an advance screening of Beauty and the Beast and we were blown away by how magical the movie was with actual actors in the roles instead of animated characters.
It felt so nostalgic seeing our familiar friends and reliving our favorite moments on the big screen. My favorite scene, which is probably the same for many others is the “Be out Guest” scene and watching it presented live and in 3D was amazing. 
If you want to relive that magical story that is a “tale as old as time” get ready because Beauty and the Beast will be released on Blu-ray and Digital HD on June 6th. What has me pretty excited about the home release is the “sing-along” version included on the Blu-ray. I can picture my children singing and dancing along to “Be our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast”. I like that they are putting them together on one disc instead of releasing a sing-along version as a separate disc like they did with Frozen a few years back.

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” the live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic, brought the story and characters audiences know and love to spectacular life and broke box-office records. Now the stunning, cinematic event arrives home on June 6 on Digital HD, Blu-ray™, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand.
Fans who bring home “Beauty and the Beast” can celebrate the release with three ways to watch the movie – the original theatrical cut, the premiere cut with overture, and a musical experience with a sing-along version.  The release invites viewers to get up close and personal with the filmmakers and cast to see how this beloved animated film was transformed into a new live-action classic, from the first enchanted table read to a fascinating look at how the film was brought to life utilizing lavish sets, elaborately designed costumes and props, and state-of the-art technology. A feature on the amazing women behind the enchanted tale hosted by Emma Watson; and over 10 minutes of deleted scenes along with musical extras, including the “Beauty and the Beast” music video starring Ariana Grande and John Legend, Celine Dion’s heartfelt take on the new song “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” and jump directly to all you favorite unforgettable songs.
So what features has you excited about the upcoming release of Beauty and the Beast? What songs are you looking forward to singing aloud with your family? Share with us in the comments below your answers to these questions and 3 lucky readers will be chosen to win a code for the Digital HD version of Beauty and the Beast. That is all to it and winners will be announced next Friday on May 26th.

Good luck to all!

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