Disney’s Freaky Friday #Giveaway

Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with a review copy of Freaky Friday in exchange to host a giveaway for the movie to our readers. All thoughts, opinions, and switched up family members are our own. 

There have been a few versions of the Freaky Friday movies previously released and Disney has released another version this week.  While each version is the same story, there are a told in a few different ways than the previous version. Let’s go through these versions and see where this one ranks amongst them.

To remember the Freaky Friday movies you have to go back to the original one in the late 70’s where a young Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris swapped bodies and lived a few days in the other one’s shoes. I remember when I saw this I thought what a crazy idea to be your parent for a few days and see what their lives were like. As opposed to later versions, Barbara’s character is a stay-at-home mother who’s hectic home life give her daughter a better understanding of what her mother goes through all day.

In the 2000’s we get another adaptation that stars Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. (Yes, there is another television version made starring Shelly Long and Gaby Hoffman, but I don’t remember watching that one.) This version plays pretty similarly to the original in that both the mother and daughter do not know how hard the other has it until they trade places.

This latest version tries to mix things up a bit by following the same story idea, but this time making it into a musical. Having watched this several times with my daughter, some of the songs are a little catchy but tend to take you out of the movie a few times.

Here is the official synopsis of the movie and keep reading for our giveaway below.

A contemporary musical update of the classic comedic story, “Freaky Friday” is based on Disney Theatrical Productions’ stage adaptation of the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers. Sixteen-year-old Ellie Blake and her uber-organized mom Katherine, are constantly at odds about Ellie’s messy room, sloppy clothes and seemingly careless attitude. Ellie really misses her dad who passed away a few years ago; she bickers with her younger brother and argues with Katherine who’s getting ready to marry her fiancé, Mike – tomorrow.  As mother and daughter quarrel, they accidentally break the treasured hourglass given to Ellie by her father and then, suddenly, they magically switch bodies. Now, Ellie and Katherine must trade places at work and at school, and, during one crazy day, they’ll learn to understand and appreciate each other.

Bonus Features

Bonus Track – “Not Myself Today”
Blooper Reel
Audition/Movies Song Mix-Up – “Today and Ev’ry Day” Musical fun of the actual song mixed up with the audition/rehearsal footage

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