Are you ready for Battle…Death Battle!, that is!

Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with a review copy of Death Battle! in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions, and hours of laughter and being defeated by my daughter are our own. 

At Fandads HQ were are always looking for fun games to play as a family or games that we can play one-on-one with our children. Lately, we have been playing a lot of classic family games and I wanted to delve into a new category of games to play. Fandad Gil plays Magic: the Gathering and always wanted me to join him, but card games were not really my thing.

Nowadays, tabletop card games are huge and I do play a few of them, but we were giving the opportunity to try something new based on a Youtube series that we have watched and enjoyed a few times: Death Battle!.

If you are unfamiliar with Death Battle! it is based on Rooster Teeth’s hit web series of the same name in which pop culture’s deadliest characters fight it out in dream match-ups come to life, Death Battle! is a fast-paced card and dice game where players duel to the bitter end…. of the deck!

To defeat your foe, you’ll have to outwit their devious battle plans while building a devastating combo of dice and card abilities to take them down. Devise a path to victory with 100 unique Armor, Weapon, and Skill cards, as well as 50 dice with six different abilities.

Death Battle! comes packaged with 100 cards, 50 dice (with carrying bag), instruction manual and tons of fun!

I played a few games with my daughter and since we both were new to card games it took us a few rounds to get into the swing of it. The game is pretty easy to set up and once it gets going it is a lot of fun. The only fun I did not have was my daughter beat me in all the rounds we played, but I say it is beginners luck.

Each player has 3 types of cards to use: Weapons, Skills, and Armors. The items on these cards are either necessary or hilarious. My daughter pulled the “Butt Canons” weapons card and almost spit out her water when she saw it. Yeah, some of the cards are off-the-wall hilarious or silly. One of my weapon cards was “Platypus” which did come in handy for me in one round, but still didn’t help me win.

I think we will be playing this game on our game night and I can’t wait to play this game with Fandad Gil. I know he is good at card games, so I guess I will lose a couple of games to him.

Check out the teaser video below to get a glimpse at the gameplay.

Death Battle! is now available wherever you buy your card games or through the Rooster Teeth store. 
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