Chill out with the arrival of Angry Birds 2

Disclaimer: The Fandads received a review copy of Angry Birds 2 in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions, and tears of laughter are our own. 

Angry Birds was one of the many movies that we planned to see in the theaters but never had the chance to go see it. The movie slipped our radar when it was released on home video and next thing we knew part two was released. Thanks to our friends from Sony we received a review copy of the movie and my children and I really enjoyed it.
If you did not see the first movie, it pretty much is summarized in the beginning by the audience finding out that Red saved the island from the pigs. After something happens to the island of the pigs, they reach out to the birds to form a truce and take on this new threat together. This is basically all you need to know about this movie, but there are also some very funny moments in the movie.

Final Thoughts: The movie is a lot of fun. One scene with “Major Tom” playing in the background had my children and me in tears because we were laughing so much. The plot of the movie is very simple and you do not necessarily need to see the first one to understand what is going on. The entire family will enjoy it and it’s a good family night movie.

Kid-Friendly: The movie is very kid-friendly, although there is a bathroom scene that some might find objectionable. One of the themes of the movie is abandonment and that might be something that might need explaining to younger children.

Violence: There is animated violence that is not too much for younger children.

The flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level in THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2! When a new threat emerges that puts both Bird and Pig Island in danger, Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride), and Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) recruit Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) and team up with pigs Leonard (Bill Hader), his assistant, Courtney (Awkwafina), and techpig, Garry (Sterling K. Brown), to forge an unsteady truce and form an unlikely super team to save their homes.

Bonus materials for THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 include an all-new mini movie “Live Stream” and six adorable Hatchling shorts, three Family Fun DIY activities inspired by the film, a collection of behind-the-scenes featurettes with cast and crew, an exciting visit to the LA Zoo to meet some amazing feathered friends, a holiday themed sing along and much more! The IMAX® Enhanced 4K Ultra HD edition features digitally remastered content presented with High Dynamic Range and DTS:X® audio for a more immersive at-home entertainment experience.


ALL NEW MINI MOVIE! – “Live Stream”: When Silver attempts her first livestream, Red is the ultimate Angry Bird while the adorable Hatchlings get into mischief.

6 Classic Hatchling Mini Movies

DIY Family Fun!:

  • “Hangry Birds: Popcorn Balls”: No need to be angry or hangry with this simple, fun cooking tutorial. Follow along to make Red’s go-to comfort food and enjoy these tasty popcorn balls at home.
  • “Smarty Birds: Crafty Volcano”: From the volcano on Eagle Island, Zeta plots her sinister plan and sends her lava balls flying. But why should Zeta have all the fun? Build your own volcano and watch it erupt combining crafts and science in this brainy how-to video!
  • “Crafty Birds: Pig Snot!”: Ready to roll up your sleeves and get a little messy? It’s time to mix a few ingredients and create your very own pig snot (slime!). Just make sure to keep it away from Bomb…he likes to drink it. (Eeeew!)

“Bird Watching”: In this hilarious “birds-eye” view of the real-life species that inspired the artists, we take a trip to the LA ZOO to get up close and personal with real-life Mighty Eagles, Blue Birds, Toucans, and more. With fun reactions from the cast intercut throughout the piece – get ready to laugh, learn and meet some amazing avian friends

“Meet The New Birds & Pigs”: Join the returning cast and meet the unique new cast members giving voice to the hilarious characters in Angry Birds 2. In exclusive BTS recording sessions and interviews, we’ll see how Leslie Jones, Rachel Bloom, Eugenio Derbez, and Sterling K. Brown bring these unforgettable characters to life.

“Hatching the Hatchlings”: The Hatchlings are soooooo cute! And in Angry Birds 2, we get to join them on their very own adventure! Meet these mischievous little troublemakers as we talk to filmmakers about the creation of the Hatchlings and their expanded storyline in the film, and hear from cast members about their love for these adorable baby birds.

“Flocking Together: Making The Angry Birds Movie 2”: Go behind the scenes with the flock of talented artists who worked together to make The Angry Birds Movie 2.

“Happy Thanks-pigging”: Zeta is not a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving menu!

“Jingle Birds: A Holiday Song From The Cast of Angry Birds 2”: Sing along with Rachel Bloom and Jason Sudeikis with a new twist on this holiday classic.


ALL NEW MINI MOVIE! – “Live Stream”

DIY Family Fun!:

  • “Hangry Birds: Popcorn Balls”
  • “Smarty Birds: Crafty Volcano”
  • “Crafty Birds: Pig Snot”

“Bird Watching”
“Meet The New Birds & Pigs”
“Hatching the Hatchlings”
“Flocking Together: Making The Angry Birds Movie 2”
“Happy Thanks-pigging”
“Jingle Birds: A Holiday Song From The Cast of Angry Birds 2”

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