Sharing our Fun from Sweet Suite at Home

Early in July the the Fandads we lucky to attend the Sweet Suite at Home 2021. It was a great way fo rus to see the latest toys coming out this year and virtually play with them or see them demonstrated for us. While the virtual event was awesome like the previous years, we can not wait until we can attend a live version of this event and it may finally happen for us in September.

Until the time comes were we can play with the toys, talk to representatives, and hang out with our fellow bloggersin person, the virtual event is the way to go. This year, we planned our strategy ahead of time and scheduled appointments to talk to some amazing companies and we had a lot of fun. With so many companies in attendance it is hard to visit al of the booths and have good conversations with them. We thought we planned everything out perfectly but we still missed a few companies.

So what did we see this year that knocked our virtual socks off? Let us share with you the few toys that we can not wait to have in our households and that are sure to be a big hit this coming holiday season. These are listed in no particular order.

Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchi

Who remembers having a Tamagotchi when they were little. I remember trying to find one in my local toy stores and they were sold out everywhere. Since those days the Tamagotchi has improved and has become a bit more advanced. While they still have the familiar look and feel to them, they actually do a little more than we remember. Coming out this year is the new Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchi. For all the Star Wars fans out there this is an amazing toy and as you can see from the image below familiar friends will visit R2 in his new home.

House Monsters

House Monsters are stuffed monsters from Luki Lab and they are adorable. Yeah, we are suckers for cute looking monsters and these are going to be a hot item this year. Did you ever wonder why a sock is missing after you do the laundry or what is making those strange noises in the house? The answer can be one of these furry, lovable monsters. Dizzy, Bumpy, Fluffy, Munchy, and Drowsy will be available soon.

Beat That!

One thing my family loves to do is a Famlily Game Night. During the pandemic I think we went through all the games we had and played a few of them one too many time. After a while playing the same game gets to be a little stagnant. Well, things are going to change with Beat That! This game has definitely kept my family busy and is a lot of fun. There are so many different challenges and the degree of difficulty varies with each one.

Adventerra Games

This company blew us away in that all of their games are made of sustainable cardboard. The plastic the covers the games are made from sugar cane. This company not only is teaching our children how to save the Earth they are actually doing it. My daughter is huge into doing as much as we can to save the planet and these games spoke out to her. Pick up these games and not only learn how to save the planet but also have have fun at the same time.

While there were many great companies there, these are a few of the ones that had some great toys that we enjoyed. Check out our unboxing video below to see some of the fantastic toys that we received in our swag box.

Thank you again to The Toy Insider for the invitation and we can not wait for the next Sweet Suite!

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