The New PAW Patrol Line Look gets You Ready for PAW Patrol: The Movie!

PAW Patrol has been a staple in our home since mson watched an episode on Nickelodeaon and we bought our first DVD. Since then we have been writing about the show on our site and given away countless DVDs of this fun series. Now with the release of PAW Patrol: The Movie getting close, there is a new set of DVDs to get you ready for the movie.

Each of the these DVDs come with a sticker showing the pups new look for the movie. If you are new to the PAW Patrol series, these will be great starter set for your collection. If you were to by the entire set you will get a total of 24 episodes and two 44 minute movies. That is a look of awesomeness to enjoy at home with your children.

“Mighty Pups” and “Ready. Race. Rescue” are the two movies that are a lot of fun. I mean, super-powered pups and a car race? How can you go wrong with that. The adventures these pups go on are always fantastic and the lessons that they learn are great for kids of all ages.

When it come to singular episodes, some of our favorites were: “Pups Save the Wiggly Whale”, “Pups and the Ghost Pirate”, “Pups Save the Movie Monster”, “Pups Save Big Hairy”, and “Pups Save a Swamp Monster” As you can we, we tend to like the episodes that have to do with monsters or something spooky. No mater what kind of episodes you like, we are sure you will find something that your whole family will enjoy.

Speaking of the whole family, while watching the new collections have the Ultimate PAW Patrol Summer Party with themed recipes, games, decor, and more. Just click the link below for an assortment of goodies to get your family ready for PAW Patrol: The Movie!

In anticipation of the PAW Patrol’s first-ever theatrical release PAW Patrol: The Movie (coming to theaters Friday, August 20), Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment are releasing an all-new line look of the top-selling catalog titles of 2020. Each DVD features a faceplate that showcases a fan-favorite pup and includes a giant sticker that introduces each pup’s unique movie look. Parents and kids will want to collect them all!

The line look as carried by brick-and-mortar retailers includes the following PAW Patrol catalog DVDs: Mighty Pups (featuring Chase), Ultimate Rescue (featuring Marshall), Ready, Race, Rescue (featuring Skye), Jungle Rescues (featuring Rocky), The Great Pirate Rescue (featuring Rubble), and Pups Save Puplantis (featuring Zuma). Each DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $11.99.

E-commerce retailers will be carrying DVD bundles of the refreshed catalog, which will also include stickers showcasing the movie pups in all-new CGI animation. The line look bundles will include the following PAW Patrol DVDs: Mighty Pups/Pups Save Puplantis 2-Pack (featuring Chase & Zuma), Ready, Race, Rescue/The Great Pirate Rescue 2-Pack (featuring Skye & Rubble), and Ultimate Rescue/Jungle Rescues 2-Pack (featuring Marshall & Rocky). Each bundle will be shrink-wrapped together and available for the suggested retail price of $16.99.

Additionally, Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment are releasing a separate 3 TV Movie Pack featuring all three PAW Patrol TV movies. This 3 DVD gift set, which also includes a large sticker sheet featuring characters from PAW Patrol: The Movie, is the perfect addition to any fan’s collection. The 3 TV Movie Pack will include all three original TV movies (Mighty Pups, Ready, Race, Rescue, and Jet to the Rescue) for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

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