Learning About Music with Do, Re & Mi!

Disclaimer: The Fandads were granted early access to the first 6 episodes of Do, Re, & Mi for review purposes. All thoughts, comments, and off-key singing are our own.

As parents, we know that we are going to sit with our children watching cartoons for countless hours. For some of us, this is ok. Some shows are a lot of fun and have catchy tunes that you find yourself humming after the show is over. There are also those shows that you find yourself still watching after your child has left the room. Finally, there are those shows that you can not wait until they finish. (I’m looking at you, Caillou!).

Amazon’s new show Do, Re & Mi (now streaming) is the former. It is a show that is filled with colorful characters, fantastic scenery, and catchy tunes that you will listen to over and over again. The show takes place in the musical world of Beebopsburgh and follows the adventures of three friends: Do, Re & Mi. Now while you may think you have already seen this show before what separates Do, Re & Mi from other shows is the way it ‘sneaks’ in lessons and teaches music education to the viewers.

Oh, you will learn something!

Yes, there are some catchy songs in this show and they all teach valuable lessons. Children will not only enjoy the songs but will be able to connect with these characters. Heck, I connected to Do in the way that he wanted to fly but could not. Not saying that I want to fly, but there are things I wish I could do and the only way they can get accomplished is if I keep trying. Yes, this 40-something year-old man learned something from an animated owl. So If I can still learn things imagine what your children will get out of it!

All of the messages that are in each episode are just fantastic. There were episodes about learning to be patient “Raspberry Cupcakes”. There was one epside about inclusion “Shake Your Tailfeather’ and being independent “Best Buggy Blues”. In showing children great life lessons the show is also teaching them about music. Children are taught about the parts that make up a song, different genres, and it’s done in such a way that it’s kind of sneaky, but that is what is great about this show.

While there are many children shows that follow a certain formula: teach a lesson, sing a song, everyone learns, Do, Re & Mi adds to that formula by also teaching about music appreciation and emotional learning. Children learn about musical appreciation by being introduced to various genres of music. The show does not play it safe and stick to catchy pop tunes it jumps all over the spectrum by covering blues, reggae and even disco-type songs.

The emotional learning part of the show is great because in one epsiode Do, Re & Mi are empathetic toward one character who is down on themselves for not being able to do a dance. They help the bird learn the dance and when it doesn’t work out they still stay by his side and let him now it’s ok. With last year taking away many of our children’s person-to-person interactions, seeing something like this can remind them how to act with their friends once they can stat hanging out again. The music lessons are a great part of the show but the emotional lessons are the icing on the cake.


What I loved about the show was enjoying it with my son. My son tends to not sit still sometime whle watching his shows on television but things were different with this show. While watching Do, Re & Mi, he sat next to me and was just enchanted with the story taking place in front of him. We watched all of the episodes about 4 times each and every now and then I would hear him singing one of the songs to himself. I really think some of these lessons got to him and I just can’t wait to see more of this show with him.

Do, Re & Mi is such a great show for families to watch together. Parents will love the lessons that are being taught and children will love the music. Make sure you catch this show on Amazon Prime starting today!

Here is the official word from Amazon

Do, Re & Mi is an Amazon Original animated series for preschoolers that centers on the musical adventures of three best birdie buddies voiced by Kristen Bell, Jackie Tohn, and Luke Youngblood. Featuring delightful adventures and toe-tapping original songs spanning multiple genres, the series takes little ones on a journey where they will discover new sounds and melodies, move to the beat, and see how music helps solve every problem!

Executive produced by Bell, Tohn, Michael Scharf, and Ivan Askwith, Do, Re & Mi is a production of Amazon Studios and Gaumont for Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Kids+.

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