Share Episodes from the original Blue’s Clues with your Children!

Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with a review copy of Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue for this review.

Like many people my age, we know about Blue’s Clues. I remember watching the show every now and then because it was so charming. It was fun watching the adventures of Steve and Blue and trying to solve the mystery of the day. I always thought that this would be a great show to watch with my children but did not know that 25 years later it would still be around.

I also did not know that this show would be more relevant to my family due to the new host Josh, being Filipino. My son loves watching the show and he also loves learning the sign language words taught on the show. I love watching the show with him too and one thing I wish is that we could watch the old episodes together. With the new disc that was just released; Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue we get a bonus disc with episodes from the original shows. It’s a win-win for both of us.

Get ready to celebrate 25 years of Blue’s Clues with the special 2-disc DVD release of Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue! now available, this DVD is full of fun stories from Blue and her friends as they use their imagination, attend a pajama party, and discover Blue’s favorite part of bedtime. Also featuring a bonus disc with eight episodes from the original series, Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue will capture the hearts of both new and nostalgic fans of all ages!

The Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue 2-disc special edition will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment on September 14, 2021, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

Disc One – Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue:

  • Story Time with Blue
  • Blue’s Big Imagination
  • Pajama Party with Blue
  • Sleepy Singalong with Blue
    • Special Features:
  • Freeze Dance!

Disc Two – Blue’s Clues: Blue’s Biggest Stories:

  • Blue’s Big Birthday
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Blue’s Pajama Party
  • Magenta Gets Glasses
  • Steve Goes to College
  • Blue Takes You to School
  • The Legend of the Blue Puppy
  • Blue’s Room Snacktime Play Date
    • Special Features:
  • Blue’s Memory Photos
  • Blue’s Room Shorts

Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue synopsis:
Are you ready for Story Time with Blue? Play Blue’s Clues to help figure out Blue’s favorite story. Then, imagine along with Josh and Blue, attend Blue’s first pajama party, and help Blue’s friends discover her favorite part of bedtime!

This special 2-DVD set also includes Blue’s Biggest Stories in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Blue’s Clues! Steve and Joe join Blue and all of her friends for more stories!

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