Are You Ready for Battle Kitty

In episode 2 of Battle Kitty after the character ZaZa spreads some rumors about Orc, Battle Kitty says this line, “It’s our differences that make us great!” I feel those lines summarize this show to a tee. Battle Kitty is completely different than most shows that are on television and has a heart and warmth to it that makes it so unique.

Battle Kitty (L to R) Matt Layzell as Kitty, Matt Layzell as Orc and Becky Robinson as Dicey Vine Monster in Battle Kitty. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Battle Kitty is an animated, interactive series from Matt Layzell. In a futuristic-medieval world, warriors must find and defeat all the monsters on Battle Island, collecting their coveted keys in order to become ‘Champion’. Cut to Kitty and Orc, two best friends on a mission- to help Kitty become Champion their way– through cuteness and friendship! The two embark on the journey to Championhood, facing many obstacles and naysayers only to discover a surprise waiting for them at the Ancient Ruins…

Interactive shows are their own genre on Netflix and Battle Kitty is the latest kids’ show that uses this technology to keep the story moving. The viewer can control which section of Battle Island the character can go to and watch the story unfold. Battle Kitty is reminiscent of a choose-your-own-adventure book but the story plays out right before your eyes.

The show is very different from what is out there right now and that is due to the animation, the humor that some might find crude (Fart jokes), and the inclusivity of the characters. I do feel that some parents might not want their children to watch this show due to some of the characters and their behavior, but that is what makes the show so great. These characters are just going through their daily lives and trying to take down the monsters to get to the next level. Never do they mention the gender roles or sexuality of their characters and they just work together to make it to the next level.

Each episode is a different level/stage in the ongoing story. The episodes vary from 40+ minutes to around 50 minutes. Within each episode, there are various levels that Battle Kitty must pass to get to the next stage. There are video game elements in the game, choosing where to go next, and the animation on these level select screens resembles most video games where you have to choose where to go next.

Battle Kitty (L to R) Matt Layzell as Orc and Matt Layzell as Kitty in Battle Kitty. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Final Thoughts: Battle Kitty is a strange and fun show that teaches the importance of believing in yourself and not judging someone by how they look. It also teaches the importance of determination in how Battle Kitty keeps moving forward to become the Champion. Maybe in future seasons, there will be more interactivity in how you control the main character. There were a few levels where I would have liked to control Battle Kitty and not just watch the action.

Kid-Friendly: As with any animated show there will be some things that parents might find issues with. The animated style of the show is simple and pleasing to the eyes. There is some crude humor with fart jokes and smelling of butts but there is nothing that is unpleasant for kids of all ages to watch.

Violence: If your children have played games like Fortnite, Zelda, or any RPG, the violence in the show is similar to that in those games. Animated violence is what they will see but nothing too graphic.

All 9 episodes of Battle Kitty are now available to watch on Netflix.

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