Ultraman Rising Review

Growing up I remember watching Spectraman, Ultraman, and reruns of Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot. These shows introduced me to not only a different style of show but also Kaijus! While I would watch Godzilla movies when they were shown every now and then on Saturdays, these shows had something new every episode and […]

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Pinocchio Review

Guillermo del Toro is not one to shy away from hard themes. If you have seen any of his movies you have seen themes of death, fascism, and religion. Pinocchio is del Toro’s latest movie and even though it is based on a children’s story it is a story that explores the importance of being

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White Noise Review

Noah Baumbach movies tend to be roller coaster rides for our emotions. From Marriage Story to While We Were Young to The Squid and the Whale we follow these characters and either relate to them or are compelled to see how the story ends. While White Noise is a roller coaster ride, it is hard

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