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Dandelion Review

The lives of creatives always make for an interesting topic. Going behind the scenes and seeing what makes a musician tick or what influences them to write is fantastic to see. Dandelion makes the viewer a fly-on-the-wall to the budding relationship between Dandelion, played by Kiki Layne, and Casey, played by Thomas Doherty. We are […]

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Longlegs Review

In the early 2000s, movie studios started using Alternate Reality Games to promote their upcoming movies. I was lucky to participate in a few of these games for The Dark Knight, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Tron Legacy. Each game consisted of a series of clues found online or at certain real-world locations. As the clues

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Tuesday Review

In many movies, Death is portrayed as a figure in a black cloak. This figure slowly stalks those it seeks and takes them from this Earth in a way they deem fit. Director Daina O. Pusić’s version of death is a Macaw that can shrink to the size of a chapstick and grow to be

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Fresh Kills Review

There is a moment in Fresh Kills when Rose Larusso, played magnificently by Emily Bader, feels the walls are closing in on her. All of the thoughts and bad feelings about her family have come to light and she is out in the open when it happens. We feel her panic, embarrassment, and fear as

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