It’s Cody Time!

If you are a parent you are probably already familiar with CoComelon. While my kids are not at the age where they watch this show, but probably watch it when I am not around, I do know that this show is always in the top 10 on Netflix. With the popularity of the show, you knew that sooner or later there would be spin-offs of one of the characters on that show. Cody Green is getting his own show and you can watch the first two episodes on Youtube right now!

Moonbug Entertainment is launching It’s Cody Time, CoComelon’s first-ever spinoff channel featuring Cody Green and his loving family. The musical pre-school series debuts on YouTube with two special episodes, “Cody’s Spy Song” and “I’m going to be a Big Brother”, followed by a new episode each Wednesday, bringing positive and fun content to children around the world.

Since his debut on CoComelon back in 2019, Cody has grown from being JJ’s classmate to the next-door neighbor to best friend, and now he’s ready for his own channel. Similar to CoComelon’scommon themes of childhood fun and celebrating big moments for little kids, It’s Cody Time will include nursery rhymes as well as original songs. The initial story arc will focus on pregnancy, becoming a big brother and the joys of family, and will aim to help children learn through relatable situations and to prepare them for big-sibling responsibilities and expectations.

“Cody’s been a fan favorite to our global audience for years. We’re excited to launch It’s Cody Time and give fans a chance to get to know Cody and his family a bit better,” said Patrick Reese, General Manager, CoComelon at MoonbugEntertainment. “Representation matters and we want to bring more content with diverse lead characters, inclusive storytelling and aspirational role modeling to children around the world.”

More on the It’s Cody Time’s initial two episodes:

●Cody’s Spy Song: Codybecomes curious when he notices some changes in his house, so he plays detective and sets out to solve the mystery! Little does he know, he’s in for a big surprise.

●I’m going to be a Big Brother: After the news of his baby sister is revealed, Cody is unsure what to actually expect, so Toni and Kwame teach him all the great and fun new things that he’ll get to do as a big brother! In the meantime, Cody wants to try them all out on “proxy” baby sister Pickles.

Cody’s parents feature prominently in the show and play an important part in plot themes. The family, also known as ‘The Greens’, come from diverse backgrounds. Cody’s father, Kwame, is a chef and comes from Jamaican and Ghanian descent. His mom, Toni, is African American and works full-time as a pediatrician.

CoComelonis the #1 most-watched kids brand on YouTube globally, generating over 3.3 billion average monthly views and has over 135 million YouTube subscribers. In 2021, videos centered on Cody garnered
over 91 million watch hours. The brand has become a perennial leader on major streaming platforms like Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Roku and Netflix, where it set the record for 120 consecutive days in the Top 10 ‘Most Watched TV Shows.’

It’s Cody Time holds true to Moonbug Entertainment’s mission of spreading healthy values to kids all over the world. With 29 intellectual properties and content available in 32 languages, Moonbug averages over 6.1 billion monthly views on YouTube and has an estimated 340million subscribers to its channels.

Click here to watch It’s Cody Time, now available for free on YouTube.

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