Dancing with the J Team

When Jojo Siwa first arrived in my house I was not a fan. As a parent of two children, I was not having any of what Jojo was selling. I mean, how could someone that young have so much energy? I think I was jealous because taking care of my kids was draining and this young girl was just bouncing off the walls with energy. Can I have some of that energy, Jojo?

While my daughter was all in I was just along for the ride. My daughter got the shirts, the bows for her hair and was singing along to the songs. My feelings for Jojo changed when I really started seeing her on Dancing with the Stars. I saw that she was more than just a ball of energy and I started gaining some respect for her and was cheering her on every week. I became of fan of hers and thought she was a great role model for kids.

The J Team is a story we have seen numerous times in movies. The oddball character that is not understood by others and little by little she wins their approval. Not only does she win their approval but she also teaches them that being true to yourself is important and you do not need anyone else’s approval to be who you are.

After being removed from her dance team, due to the new teacher not liking her sparkle, Jojo starts her own team with other dancers who are unique like her. This leads to issues with her former dance club and misunderstandings with her new team.

There are some great songs and dance routines throughout the movie and each song has a great message that helps move the story a long. The songs are catchy and you will find yourself singing a few of the songs long after the movie is over. The J Team is a fun movie to watch with your family.

Final Thoughts: The J-Team is a fun movie that we have seen before with the message of being yourself. The difference with this version is we get the energetic Jojo Siwa as the lead. Jojo’s energy comes through the screen and give this movie just the right amount of push to make the movie enjoyable for kids.

Kid-Friendly: The movie is very kid-friendly. The music and dance routines will keep your children’s attention. The message about being true to yourself is also a great message for younger kids to see.

Violence: There is no physical violence in the movie.

Ready to show your sparkle? Join JoJo Siwa and friends in The J Team! Follow JoJo as she starts her own, totally unique dance team, learning about friendship, perseverance and never letting anyone dim your sparkle!

The J Team is available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $15.99 and on Digital for $9.99 SD/HD.

The J Team synopsis:
Loosely based on JoJo Siwa’s life, “The J Team” is the story of a young girl who is kicked out of her dance troupe and forced to rediscover what dance and friendship means to her, finding her true “Sparkle” in the process.

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