Chicago International Film Festival Recap

Friends, the Chicago International Film Festival has ended and we were lucky to attend some screenings, watch some movies from our home, and talk to a few of the guests of the show. There were a lot of great movies that we saw at the festival and we are going to recap a few of those films for you.

A good number of the films we saw were documentaries. Documentaries are always great to watch because these are real stories from real people. They show you what can be done and what can be accomplished. Here are the ones that we watched.


This was a great way to show the power of storytelling and imagination. The young girls in this film share their lives with the viewers through the avatar of Alis. Please read our full review here. Alis was the winner of the Gold Hugo and JURY SPECIAL MENTION at the Chicago International Film Festival. This was the U.S. Premier of the movie.

King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones

This documentary made its World Premiere at the festival. As a Chicagoan, I never knew about this man and his story. You can read our review here. King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones won the Best of the Fest Chicago award!

The Big Payback

I remember seeing this on the local news networks and wondering how this could work. Robin Rue Simmons shows us the difficulties in doing something for the community and how that can change those affected.

No Ordinary Campaign

A beautiful story about activism and helping others while suffering yourself. Yes, No Ordinary Campaign is a must-see and will have you cheering for Brian!

Art & Pep

Art & Pep is a fantastic story about helping out your community. The two men in this documentary have done so much for Chicago that this film needs to be seen.

The Whale

The Whale was an incredibly moving film that made you feel the pain of Brendan Fraser’s character. There was such much greatness told in such a small space.


Devotion shows us the power of friendship, trust, and family. Powerful performance by Jonathan Majors. This one must be seen in the theaters to appreciate the cinematic style of J.D. Dillard. The aerial sequences are incredible and the story is just phenomenal. Please go out and support this movie when it is released. Watch our interview with both the star and director of the film.

Leonor Will Never Die

Oh, this was such a fun movie and I want to see it again! If this is playing anywhere near you, go check it out!

A Lot of Nothing

A Lot of Noting needs to be seen. Do you have the tools to complete a task if you started it? How far will you go for justice? So many questions in this movie and it is so relevant for this time and age.

Again, we are grateful for the opportunity to attend the Chicago International Film Festival and can not wait to see what next year has to offer.

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