The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 3 Review, Interview & Giveaway

Disclaimer: The Fandads were given an advance screener to review The Smurfs: Season 1 Volume 3. All thoughts, opinions, and Smurfs are our own.

Growing up The Smurfs was one Saturday morning show that I loved walking up to. Seeing the adventures of Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and Smurfette always put a smile on my face. Luckily, a lot of the shows that I grew up watching are being rebooted for a new generation to check out. I introduced my children to the Smurfs and this new series that is on Nickelodeon brings back those happy feelings of watching it when I was younger.

This new collection of episodes are a lot of fun and as always have a valuable lesson in them. Watching the shows I could not help but love how they incorporate modern technology into the show. There is an episode that tackles screen addiction. One episode shows us Gargamel’s home assistant which is a crystal ball. We learn about jealousy, trickery, and there is a funny Sparticus moment in one episode.

We were lucky to interview voice talent Mark “Lenny” Irons (“Gargamel”) and Executive Producer, Peyo Productions Nele De Wild about the show. The interview was going great but then Gargamel decided to mess with Nele’s internet connection and cause her video to be choppy. Check out the interview below.

The Smurf village continues to grow in the brand-new DVD The Smurfs: Season 1, Volume 3, featuring new Smurfs and your favorite classic Smurfs! Join the Smurfs as they play epic pranks on one another, celebrate Mother’s Day, make a new monkey friend, and more all the while trying to escape the evil wizard Gargamel

The Smurfs: Season 1, Volume 3 is Now Available on DVD!

The Smurfs: Season 1, Volume 3 episodes:

  • The Smurfs Show 
  • Smurfboards / Monkey See, Monkey Do
  • Flying Ace / Lab Assistant
  • Order of Merit / Smurfy Mother’s Day!
  • Leaping Lizards / Cover Story
  • Papa Times Two / Fake News
  • You’re Fired! / Mirror, Mirror on the Armoire
  • Smurfing Places / Poet Slam

The Smurfs: Season 1, Volume 3 synopsis:
The Smurfs Season One adventures continue as Gargamel plants a crystal ball to spy on the Smurfs and they turn the tables on him! Vanity attempts to cure a zit and turns himself into a lizard instead. After being captured by Gargamel, Papa Smurf, Willow and Vanity offer to help him impress his mother, and so much more! This enchanted volume contains episodes 19-26 of Season One!

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