New Dad on Fandads

One of the things that we wanted to do when we started Fandads was to eventually branch out and add new dads to the team. We thought we would have one dad cover comics, one cover video games, and one cover movies and so on.

Enter Dave Taylor! Dave is a dad that we know from the Dadblogging community. We have met a few times during the Dad 2.0 Summits and have kept in contact via our social media channels. Dave does some amazing reviews on his site and has helped me a few times with deciding on what items to purchase. Yes, his reviews are that good and in-depth.

Dave will be joining the Fandads and sharing his movie reviews with us every now and then. While we might write about the same movies, it will be nice to see two different opinions of the same film. Dave also reviews some movies that might not come across the Fandads radar and those will be a great addition to the site.

Read a little about Dave Taylor below and give him a hearty welcome in the comment below.

Dave Taylor is a lifelong fan of great cinema, including obscure noir films from the 40s, sci-fi thrillers from the 50s, and cheesy B-movies from the 60s and 70s. His favorite films include 2001: A Space Odyssey and Nine Queens and he’s always ready for an indie screening or tentpole film from one of the big production houses. You can find more of his film reviews at or interact with him as @DaveTaylor on Twitter.

You can also visit Dave’s page where you will see hundreds of video reviews, find great tech tips!

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