Movies We Enjoyed in 2023

It’s that time of year when all the critics are putting out their Top Ten list of 2023. There were many great movies in 2023 but I can not put one movie over another. That is why we name this list “The Movies We Enjoyed in 2023”. Check out the movies we have listed and comment below if you have seen them and your thoughts.

Past Lives

Past Lives is a great story about two childhood sweethearts who reunite after 20 years. While Nora now lives in New York and is married, Hae Sung visits her and they reminisce about their childhood and what could have been. Past Lives is a great story about what could have been and what is. You can read our review here.

The Iron Claw

The story of the Von Erichs is a story about wrestling, brotherhood, and loss. You do not have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this movie and feel the pain of Kevin Von Erich. With a tremendous soundtrack and amazing wrestling sequences, The Iron Claw is a must-see! You can read our review here.

The Holdovers

You would think that a movie about a curmudgeon professor, the school’s head cook, and a troublemaker teenager would be boring to watch. The Holdovers is far from boring and may be the perfect holiday movie to watch during this time. All the characters are well-written and make you appreciate those around you and what you have.


In a year where we had multiple biopics, Blackberry stood out due to the performances of Jay Baruchel and an unrecognizable Glenn Howerton. The movie retells the rise and fall of Blackberry with hard-to-believe moments while showing the struggles of trying to stay true to your brand. You can read our review here.

Brooklyn 45

Sometimes horror movies do not need monsters or slashers to scare you. Sometimes the horror comes from inside. Brooklyn 45 shows us how the horrors of war never really leave a person and that sometimes facing these horrors is scarier than running away from a monster. You can read our review here.


Imagine being with a person that you think is the love of your life and finding out your relationship is not meant to be based on the results of a test. Fingernails is a sci-fi romantic drama that stars Jessie Buckley as a employee in an institute that helps couples pass this test. Her own relationship with Jeremy Allen White is questioned when she begins working closely with Riz Ahmed. A great story about relationships, destiny, and trusting your own feelings.

Earth Mama

Earth Mama is a moving story about a mother’s love for her children and what she would do for them. Gia gives us a look at a mom who is struggling to make ends meet and make a better life to get her kids back. This movie needs to be seen! You can read our review here.

Society of the Snow

The story of the Chilean rugby team has been told before in 1993’s Alive but this version just feels more visceral than that version. Filmed near the actual location, a lot of these first-time actors take us on this incredible journey and don’t hold back. Nominated for an Oscar, Society of the Snow takes you on an experience you will not forget. Read our review.


If you are a fan of wrestling, Cassandro give you a great insight into the world or Lucha Libre and the struggles one must go through to succeed. Gael García Bernal gives a brilliant performance as the exótico wrestler Cassandro. Through his performance, he shows us that being true to yourself and working hard will help you succeed. This would make a great double feature with The Iron Claw.

Late Night with the Devil

David Dastmalchian shines in Late Night with the Devil! This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out where it is going. The use of “found” footage from behind the scenes of the late-night show gives us a unique view as to what is going on as the show is going into a tailspin. This movie is not just about possession but about a person’s inner turmoil. Dastmalchian should get some recognition for this role come award season time.

Raging Grace

Raging Grace starts off like a mystery but turns into something else. This could be categorized as a horror movie but it is not horror in the way you may think. The movie follows Joy as she tries to save up money to get a visa for herself and provide for her daughter, Grace. Through a family member, she gets a job caring for a bedridden man who is being watched over by his niece. This might seem pretty straightforward but there is a lot more to the family dynamic between the niece and the man. Unfortunately, Joy learns all about this and I am still having trouble sleeping due to certain scenes towards the end.

Of An Age

Of An Age tells the story of Kol, played by Elias Anto, and his relationship with his dance partner’s brother. The relationship between the two young men is beautiful as we see it grow from subtle flirtations to their first kiss. The two men reunite years later but circumstances have changed and we see how they cope with their new lives.


Tótem is a beautiful movie about the celebration of life and the death of childhood innocence. As the audience, we are a fly on the wall as we watch this family prepare for a party for Tonatiuh, Sol’s dad. Being in the household and seeing all the love and care feels intrusive at first but as the movie plays out we are pulled into the family’s struggle and ride this emotional roller coaster with them. Tótem transforms the viewer by the end of the movie and may have you looking at life differently. You can read our review here.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me does a great job of flipping the demonic possession genre in horror movies. Many times we see movies that show people possessed but few have shown us what happens after the demon leaves their bodies. In Talk to Me, we see how the souls of dead people remain with the person and how they slowly disrupt the world they live in. Some of the imagery shown on screen is so visceral that it will stay with you long after the movie is over. Check out our review.

All of Us Strangers

Not to give away too much but the film shows us Adam, played by Andrew Scott, visiting his childhood home and reuniting with his deceased parents. Having died when he was 12 Adam gets to have conversations with them about life and so much more. All of Us Strangers takes us on an emotional journey that might have us appreciate the time we have with those around us.

There were many incredible movies released in 2023 and not just the few that everyone is talking about. While the big-budget and overhyped movies are great to see, there are a lot of smaller films that do not get as much attention.

I hope we have given you something new to check out and would love to hear your suggestions of other movies we might have missed.

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