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Bringing back shows or movies that were popular when we were younger is not new. We constantly see it on the screens around us and usually, the results are “That was great and reminded me of my childhood!” or “This movie/show ruined my childhood!”. No matter what the result is, there will be people hating on it. Good Burger 2 is one of the latest childhood treasures that is coming back to recapture that nostalgia that many of us linger for and it does it in a good way and in a not-so-good way.

Good Burger 2 takes place 26 years later. Dex is now a big-shot investor and Ed is still working at Good Burger. Dex has made some bad investments and reaches out to Ed for a place to stay and a job. The two reunite and it’s just like old times. The two have some interesting adventures and run into their old foe Megacorp who is trying to buy Good Burger to franchise the restaurant. Do Ed and Dex sell the restaurant or does something else happen?

Ok, so what are the not-so-good parts of Good Burger 2? Seeing Kel Mitchell doing the same bit he did when he was a teen feels weird at times. I’m so used to seeing him with the goatee that seeing him shaved and in the Ed outfit takes a few minutes to get used to. As a dad, I appreciated all of the dad jokes in the movie but there might be others that will get annoyed with these jokes. There are moments when the movie feels dated but we have to remember that this is made to capture the feeling of the original and we have to put those quirks aside.

If you have not seen the first Good Burger or have forgotten what happened in it, don’t worry! One of the extras on the DVD is a recap of the first movie. This is a good refresher if you don’t have time to rewatch the first one or don’t have a copy readily available. What I always love about home releases are the extras on a DVD. The bloopers and the training video are a must-watch. It is always great to see the actors try to keep a straight face when you know they just want to laugh.

Final Thoughts: Good Burger 2 has a great story about friendship and family in it. Seeing Ed and Dex on the screen again brings back some great memories and introduces them to a new audience. While some of the jokes may not land with the older crowd, the younger kids will have a blast watching the misadventures of Ed and Dex. The movie brings back some great memories and makes some new ones.

Kid-Friendly: Good Burger 2 is silly and goofy for the younger kids. The older kids might find some moments cringey but will still enjoy the story of friendship and family.

Violence: There is mild violence with a few men trying to manhandle Ed but nothing too outrageous.


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Calling all dudes—buckle up, because the new adventures of Ed and Dex start now! Your favorite fast-food duo is back and serving up nostalgic laughs and new antics in Good Burger 2. Follow Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson) and original cashier Ed (Kel Mitchell) as they reunite in the present day at fast-food restaurant Good Burgerwith a hilarious new group of employees. Dexter is down on his luck after another one of his inventions fails. Ed welcomes Dex back to Good Burger with open arms and gives him his old job back. With a new crew working at Good Burger, Dex devises a plan to get back on his feet but unfortunately puts the fate of Good Burger at risk once again.

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