June 2024

Tuesday Review

In many movies, Death is portrayed as a figure in a black cloak. This figure slowly stalks those it seeks and takes them from this Earth in a way they deem fit. Director Daina O. Pusić’s version of death is a Macaw that can shrink to the size of a chapstick and grow to be

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Fresh Kills Review

There is a moment in Fresh Kills when Rose Larusso, played magnificently by Emily Bader, feels the walls are closing in on her. All of the thoughts and bad feelings about her family have come to light and she is out in the open when it happens. We feel her panic, embarrassment, and fear as

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Ultraman Rising Review

Growing up I remember watching Spectraman, Ultraman, and reruns of Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot. These shows introduced me to not only a different style of show but also Kaijus! While I would watch Godzilla movies when they were shown every now and then on Saturdays, these shows had something new every episode and

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