JellybeanTM to Transform Phygital Landscape with Aptos Labs Investment!

JellybeanTM, a pioneering company in the phygital space, has received an investment from Aptos Labs, further solidifying their partnership aiming to bridge the physical-digital divide. This strategic investment underscores the potential of JellybeanTM to standardize how brands engage with consumers across an increasing spectrum of products — from fan-fueled collectibles to luxury goods.

JellybeanTM is set to compete with the likes of IYK, leveraging its innovative technology to create a new standard in digital standardization. JellybeanTM seamlessly integrates a digital layer onto physical products, ensuring foolproof authentication and enabling enhanced interactive and exclusive multimedia brand experiences.

A simple tap or scan of a JellybeanTM-enabled product unlocks a world of immersive digital content and engagement opportunities, creating deeper connections between brands and their audiences. JellybeanTM launched its Phygital Protocol with DJ deadmau5’s limited-edition toy line, featuring phygital products on the Aptos blockchain. This launch showcased the unique capabilities of JellybeanTM technology and marked the beginning of a committed partnership, with JellybeanTM designating Aptos as the preferred chain for all future drops.

“We revolutionize how brands interact with their customers – transforming every product into a bridge for deeper customer connections,” said Bart Lipski, CBDO of JellybeanTM

“As we move further into the digital age, the boundaries between physical and digital worlds are blurring. JellybeanTM is at the forefront of this evolution, revolutionizing the way fans interact with their favorite brands by turning everyday products into gateways for exclusive digital experiences,” said Chris Price, Head of Business Development: Media & Entertainment at Aptos Labs.

This strategic partnership underscores a shared vision for the future of consumer engagement, positioning
JellybeanTM as a leader in the emerging phygital landscape.

How JellybeanTM is unlocking the future of branded products:
● Product Authenticity: Ensure every product is genuine with immutable certificates of authenticity,
providing peace of mind to your customers.
● Product Traceability: Provide transparency into the sourcing of products, highlighting ethical and
sustainable practices to reassure customers about the origins of their purchases.
● Enhanced Communication: Create a direct channel of communication between your brand and its biggest
fans, helping you stay connected and deepen relationships.
● Customer Relationship Management: Integrate a CRM layer to manage and nurture customer
relationships, turning customers into superfans and enhancing product value with an immersive digital

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